Thursday, August 09, 2018

Fair Fun and Folks, Past and Present

I went to the fair yesterday and saw double double. 

I don't know if could mean double trouble, but these couples from Naples (transplants from Pennsylvania) are selling fresh roasted peanuts and baked goods at the fair. 

I'm going to guess on my ability to remember names:  Jim, Al, Cal and Jeffrey.  If it's wrong, they can correct me. 

Anywho, it was neat to learn that Jim? knows both my son Willie and sister Barbara.  He does substitute teaching in the area.  

The sisters bake and sell their goodies while Jeffrey? works for Google. 

It was great fun getting acquainted, and I'm happy to report that Bill has made a good dent on that sack of peanuts. 

The fair often needs no words because images with stories written all over them abound----petting zoos, 4-H competitions, barn decorations, politics, kids making memories, barn decorating or just sittin' and watchin'.  

It's all there this year, and I really enjoyed strolling around the grounds visiting and snapping life at the fair which runs through Saturday night. 

Hope you enjoy the photos and a few from some recent Bonner County fairs.  

Some of those feet and the kids who go with them have grown and have molded a good start to their life journeys while some of the regulars can be found pretty much in the same places, doing the same activities year in and year out. 


Throwbacks from the Past . . . 

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