Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Last Endorsement: Vote 4 Cheryl

To all locals . . . . 

Just when you thought I was gonna shut up about all this election stuff, I have only one more thing to say:  if you want to cast your ballot and be assured a win, VOTE 4 CHERYL PIEHL for county treasurer.

Let me tell you why.

First, this is probably one of the few political ads you'll ever see for Cheryl. 


She's a genuine unsung hero among the political crowd who simply does her job and lets her results as a manager and good steward of public funds speak for themselves. 

In fact, I believe she's the best county treasurer we've had in at least 16 years.  

Well, okay, maybe she has been our county treasurer for that long, but the electorate seems quite satisfied. 

And, before serving as county treasurer, she worked deputy treasurer for 12 years. 

She has a wonderful family with hubby Brent and three grown, very nice children. Believe me, she's also a doting, loving grandma too. 

Cheryl has lived in this county for a long, long time and knows this county well.  

After all, who wouldn't after supervising all those property taxes for all these years???

On a personal level, Cheryl is one of the nicest, sweetest, giving people you'll ever meet.

Try to pull a shenanigan on her, though, and she's got the grit to hold her own.   

Cheryl sang at my wedding, and that was after I stood in as her sponsor for Confirmation at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. 

She also marched in the Sandpoint High Ponderettes drill team, and, as you can see from the photo, she's kept up that lively step ever since.

Cheryl has a pretty direct pipeline to the Pope too.  

Her younger sister Cindy covers pretty much his every move as bureau chief for Catholic News Service at the Vatican.  

Cheryl works hard at her job, often putting in extra hours to see that the county treasury operation goes smoothly. 

You'll never see negative ads about other candidates put out by Cheryl, IF you even see ads by Cheryl.  

Usually nobody runs against her, and almost every election she gets the most votes of anyone in our local elections.

My goal today is to encourage voters to give her the most votes ever! 

I'm really proud of this lady whom I've known and loved for decades.  She's a keeper!

So, I would like Cheryl Piehl to be elected for yet another term because as someone repeated to me several times over the weekend in discussions about politics-----it's all about the money.

Yup, it IS all about the money with Cheryl Piehl, and she does a phenomenal job keeping track of the money as our county treasurer.  

So, my "closing messages" in today's election:  VOTE  and when you do, VOTE for Cheryl Piehl as Bonner County Treasurer. 

You can't go wrong, and, think of it, you'll get at least one answer right on your ballot. 

Happy Election Day.  

Somewhere in the midst of all of today's political hoopla, there's another bright and shining light, just like Cheryl Piehl.  

The ZAGS are playing Idaho State. 



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