Sunday, November 04, 2018

Transitional Times

Not a lot going on today, 'cept it sure was nice to have the extra hour of sleep. 

It will be great to get up in the morning and do the chores in daylight----for a while.  

All that darkness ahead---never that much fun.

Election day coming within the next 48 hours----it can be the best of days or the worst of days, depending on individual perspectives.  

All will surely agree on one talking point:  it will be nice to have all the lies, the promises, the insults, the nasty telephone calls behind us.  

So, we're definitely in transition for our daily routines and more than likely our conversations.

It should be an interesting week of adjusting to whatever Mother Nature and the electorate dish out for us.  

Happy Sunday, and DO PLAN TO VOTE on Tuesday.  

You can't really do much about the darkness that Mother Nature brings us each year, but you can certainly fend away the darkness brought on by unscrupulous political candidates and a variety of issues.

You can bring on some extra light by casting your vote for candidates of integrity and for ballot issues that can make a positive difference in our lives in general. 

Happy Sunday.  

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