Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday Slight

It's been a week of work, work, work and, still so much to do before lawn mowing starts taking up six hours per day.

Yesterday's load was intense, yet productive.  Most of my time was spent out in the north lawn, doing some repair work on some large flower containers. 

A few years ago (when we had a relatively open winter), I built them on site, "Marianne-style," which means following no set rules and piecing together whatever works.  

To say they're "rustic" requires no debate.

Seems they've been falling apart over the past few years, and they're pretty much on their last legs. In some cases, their wooden "legs" have decayed and broken off.

So, yesterday's project involved "band aide" fixes until they really crumble. 

The wild rose Bill brought home in a small pot and which inhabits one of the box beds has gotten out of control.  If I didn't mow the lawn regularly, I'd have a wild rose forest in the north lawn. 

So, it got some attention yesterday with pruning tools. Nice to know a plant has resilience. 

Anyway, it was a day monopolized by hours of tedious work, but the area looks a little better.

While I was working in the north lawn, Liam spent his day racing back and forth in a pathway around the barnyard.  Those horses needed a lot of attention for whatever Liam thought they were doing. 

And, they've received so much of Liam's vigilance that he has worn a trail in the lawn around the fence.  

It's especially notable in the spot where he rounds the corner at full speed ahead.  Meanwhile, the horses just keep on doing their thing without much regard for Liam. 

Today marks a day of relative rest, as we've designated this kinda gloomy Saturday as Costco day.  

With Bill's recuperation, Costco runs have not happened for two months.  And, with all the spring happenings, involving some barbecuing and general eating, it's time to stock up. 

So, the yard will get a rest and when we return, the cupboards and freezers will get some new supplies.

The beat goes on.  Happy Saturday.    

Annie's Southeast Asia Adventures . . . .

It's been jet setting for Annie over the past couple of days and it will continue:  fly from Da Nang to Saigon, then fly from Saigon to Bangkok, then Bangkok to Seoul for a stop over and back to Seattle by mid week. 

Her past few days of touring have included the usual geocaching, the Sounders flag selfies and even finding an attraction close to her heart-er-feet:  a Thai flipflop enterprise.

She has also visited museums and has seen some sobering images and reminders of darker days in the now tourist mecca of Vietnam, which so many of those in our generation remember.    

On a very happy note,  she was able to meet up with another Sandpoint High grad who's been teaching English at a high school in Saigon. 

Overall, quite the ongoing adventures and education for Annie and the rest of us who are so fortunate to take in a portion of her experiences, thanks to the magical convenience of social media. 

Greg Vanderford from Sandpoint has been living in Saigon for the past few years and teaching English at an International School. 

I received a note this morning from Greg who told me that he and his wife Tuyen had enjoyed a nice visit with Annie and her friend Deirdre.

Greg's grandfather, Richard Sodorff, served for several years as SHS principal.

Thai recreation, I guess.  

These are taken at a festival earlier today in Bangkok, where Annie's friends Deirdre and Sara live. 

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