Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Dark and Stormy Night

We've got puddles. 

Normally not big news for North Idaho, but we were kinda missing our puddles. 

They finally began to appear QUICKLY last night just in time to cause evacuation of The Festival and for Bill and Marianne to sit in the living room and watch Lawrence Welk.  

For a time, cable channels weren't working. 

Twas like old times in my mind:  a Saturday night watching Lawrence introduce various singers and dance numbers and orchestra oldies but goodies.

Many who performed had their roots in the Midwest, especially North DAHkota. 

We did listen to one beautiful tenor voice hailing from Nebraska. 

Yup, we watched Lawrence Welk and his champagne music on Saturday nights during our childhood.

For us, it was a trade-off.

As kids, we "endured" the hour of music featuring such favorites as regular tenor Jimmy Roberts and the Lennon Sisters so we could watch "Gunsmoke" with Matt Dillon.

Last night no "Gunsmoke" rewards for us after Lawrence Welk-----just news that another modern-day music event here locally had been lightninged, thundered and downpoured out.

Folks who bought tickets and came to watch Kool and the Gang have been promised a free ticket to a Festival concert of their choice in 2020. 

I also saw that tonight's Spokane Symphony concert has been moved to an earlier time (6 p.m.) because of the weather and concerns for the symphony musicians and their musical instruments. 

So sad how that storm waited all day to finally unleash and cause havoc for last night's big outdoor musical event. 

Surprisingly, yesterday turned out to be a pretty nice day.

And, this morning we just have dark clouds with no rain, just puddles and ground that squishes rather than going thump, thump, thump from hundreds of grasshoppers. 

Welcome change and with luck, The Festival will get back on track for its grand finale. 

Happy Sunday.  

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Lynn Poelsra said...

Yes, it was very wet. Rik and I were one of many who tried to endure the rain. We attempted to eat our now watered down curry under a blanket. There was rain, hail, thunder and it gave us a light show. When a festival staff member told us that we needed to evacuate, there was a sense of relief. Now us and everyone one else were packing up and heading to the car. Walking thru very puddles because the storm drains could not accommodate any more water. Got in the car drove south to Boondox for a bite to eat in our soaking wet clothes. It was lightly sprinkling and the ground was dry. Took about 15 minutes for the rain to catch up and down pour. Glad to hear we have a free ticket next year.