Monday, April 25, 2011

Soakin' it up . . . .

One of my favorite spots to photograph any time of the year.

Taylor's field, about half a mile north of us, and taken from aboard Miss Lily on our first ride of 2011.

It was the best of times outdoors and the most delicious of times indoors on this past Easter weekend.

With that first blast of sunshine sticking around for more than five minutes, the weekend was filled with fishing, lawn work, horses, listening to song birds, frolicking in fields with dogs, sitting and watching dogs and sitting and soaking up some of that much awaited warmth from the sun.

Mother, Barbara, Laurie, Willie and Debbie came to the Lovestead for dinner late yesterday afternoon.

Mother enjoyed coming early and sitting outside for nearly three hours as dogs and cats surrounded her.

Our dinner was sumptuous, especially the red velvet cake, the strawberry rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream.

To work off just a few of the calories before dessert, a couple of generations of us walked to the hay field, along with some happy and playful dogs.

Couldn't ask for a better weekend. 

Enjoy the photos. 

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