Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwbacks on Thursday

I needed a manila envelope the other day.  No empties around the house, so I found one in good condition and no writing with a stack of photos inside.

They’re still strewn across a bed here next to the computer.  It’s always fun to see those photos and take part in the Facebook throwback theme for Thursdays.

That stack could keep me going for several weeks as it represents fun times in our family as well as the people and happenings of my school career.

This morning’s offering, of course, includes one that melts my heart.  

It’s a “back in the day” when we lived on the Great Northern farm, and the kids were little.  They did like each other---most of the time, if a TV remote wasn’t involved!

They had a lot of fun in the fields and out at the pond on the old place, and they still have a lot of fun in the fields on this place---these days with some similar toys and with some black and white dogs.  And, as far as this mother is concerned, my heart still melts when I see their pictures. 

Actually, my heart melts a lot.  Just can't help it because being a teacher and a mother, there tend to be a lot of people out there who bring on such emotions----just like the trio below. That would be Debbie Love, Alana and Rachel (both classmates of Willie's and former students). 

And below that photo:  maybe more chuckling than heart melting with my former colleague and partner in "crime" Mike Flaim and another colleague named Mike who was not a school house "criminal."   These days Mike Flaim is teaching in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, but he and his wife Monica (another former student) are planning to return to Europe at the end of this year. 

And, that other Mike, who's not a criminal, has retired and seems to have a good time traveling the world and the United States visiting his kids and grandkids. Both Mike's are/were English teachers at Sandpoint High. 

A few years ago when I was advising the Cedar Post at SHS, we published alumni editions each spring to make money for our trips to the National Journalism conferences.  Peggy, in the black and white photo, graduated in 1969 and never has forgiven me for putting the "F" on her essay----as a joke, of course.  

After all, before she was my student, we rode our horses all over our neighborhood and even stayed one scary night down at the old fairgrounds where the local museum is now located. Peggy went on to work her way up into managerial status at the local bank. She's now happily retired and living not far from me in Selle. 

And then, there's Keith, the author and professor extraordinaire from Clemson University. I hear he has a new book coming out this year and that he will launch it at the Wallace Brewing Co., owned by his friends, the Sanborn brothers.  I can't remember when this photo was taken, but we were at some event together, and I was popping my buttons with pride at Keith's accomplishments. 

Finally, those sullen looking, somewhat strange, sometimes normal folks below were a set of Cedar Post editors with whom I worked over a period of three or four years.  That would be Courtney, mean Mrs. Love, brilliant Matt, hard-working Chad and creative Kyle. 

All have gone on to great heights as writers, graphics specialists or computer-related professionals.  It's fun to see them from time to time, and I don't know what prompted the crazy picture.  I do have a lot of those.  Must be the water!

Anyway, Happy Throwback Thursday.  

GO BULLDOGS (Ladies at 5:15 our time on Radio KSPT) and GO BULLDOGS (ZAGS, that is at 8 p.m.)  

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