Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snow Fun

It's been quite some time since we've had such a picturesque snow event as we've been experiencing the past couple of days.  To have it show up at Christmas time, that's definitely an added and enjoyable benefit.

Oh, yes, there's been work with all the plowing and shoveling and blowing AND removing huge snowballs attached like velcro to poor little Foster every time he comes in from the snow, but at least, along with the work, come many, many healthy servings of nostalgic, joyful eye candy.  

Virtually every step taken around this place yesterday brought with it moments of awe as the snow continued to fall, producing artistically beautiful results. 

And, it's even prettier this morning. 

This morning brings forth a big day for little Liam who loved his frolickng---even off from his leash---in the deep snow.  

He will go to the veterinary clinic at 9:30 to receive his second batch of puppy shots.  I read a report on Facebook yesterday about his brother BoBa who also moved to Sandpoint from Hunters, Wash., a week after Liam's arrival. 

Boba's happy owner, Amy, tells me that his potty training is also going very well, 'cept for his thinking that their Christmas tree needed watering the other day.  

Boba went to the same veterinary hospital on Friday for his shots.  T

Amy said the staff and doctor fell in love with him.  What's not to love about a little face like that?  

So, I have a feeling Liam will be a hit this morning too.  Maybe the vet hospital will PAY us to bring the boys by for check-ups and loving. 

I slipped into my snow shoes for the first time yesterday, and it's looking like another good day for packing down trails in the woods.  

No complaints so far about this winter.  It's showing up at a perfect time and making most everyone happy.  If it decides to leave at the perfect time, that will be a good thing to. 

For now, it's pretty enjoyable. 

Happy Tuesday. Be sure to check out Annie's photos at the bottom. 

Bill's beautiful forest
Meserve Preserve to our north
Lovestead-Meserve fenceline
Into the Lovestead woods

In the "What's Black and White and Loved All Over?" category, Annie captured some adorable snow-play photos of the Border Collie Nation Plus One yesterday.  

Kiwi and Foster
King of the Hill:  Liam Love

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Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely adorable picture of Liam, if I didn't want him before, I surely would now! Beautiful photos of your area. Happy Holidays Love Family!