Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback to a Longtime Friendship

Yes, there were the obligatory "Will you take our picture" sessions?  Bill took some photos of us at our Lovestead scotch pine tree, and our kind waitress took a few as we stood in front of Feist Creek Falls. 

Ironically, even though we drove through some beautiful country along Meadow Creek and the Moyie River northeast of Bonners Ferry, our nonstop talking got in the way of my own picture taking. 

That was okay because it was apparent that my friend Chris remained in awe of the drop-dread spring beauty all along the way.  

She really enjoyed the Feist Creek Falls Restaurant along the Moyie not far from the Canadian border.  We met a fascinating couple who had recently moved to Naples after three years on the road with their RV.

Then, we sat down to ribs and prime rib at a table offering the perfect view of the falls for which the restaurant is named. 

We had so many topics on our visiting plate throughout the day that we never did get to them all, but what a fun day it was. 

The best part is that within a few months Chris will be moving back to her hometown of Sandpoint.  Then, maybe we'll catch up. 

In other news, I was saddened and stunned to learn that St. Ann's Catholic Church in Bonners Ferry was engulfed with fire early this morning after an explosion was heard. 

"Well, not exactly the way we wanted to start our 49th wedding anniversary," Linda wrote.  "The church we were married in and have been a part of all those years burned last night. 

"Of course, John was involved there for more years than that, ever since he came to the US in 1953. So many memories with family and friends there. As a church family we are strong and will get through this. Thankfully it happened when no one was there."

I joined St. Ann's Parish several years ago, and even though my attendance has been far from stellar, I really appreciated the warmth and welcoming of the church family there----a wonderful little parish, such a sad happening. 

Back here at the Lovestead, another beautiful spring day awaits.  I have a feeling Bill will finish the garden fence today, and I'll be fully engaged in a lawn mowing marathon.  

My old friend and neighbor, Pat Gooby, the "dandylion king," must be beside himself with joy right now as those yellow buggers have come out earlier and more profuse than ever. 

Glad they make someone happy.  I'll be more than happy to go on a dandylion massacre today.  

Happy Thursday.  


Karen Evans said...

Omg! Is that Chris Moon!!

Marian said...

Karen Evans' comment is funny, because I was thinking, "I wonder if that's Chris Moon?" I've never met her, but I've heard you speak of her often, always very warmly. Glad you had such a great day!

Marianne Love said...

Yes, Karen and Marian, that is the one and only and phenomenal Chris Moon. We had so much fun yesterday and always do on our marathon visits every five or so years.