Monday, December 19, 2016

Wintry Weekend

We're not shivering; in fact, it feels downright balmy in the low 20s.  Unfortunately, my barn door still thinks it's cold.  Twasn't easy opening it this morning.

A weekend off frigid temperatures topped off by a storm of magical snowfall has ended; just two days until the shortest day of the year and not too many shopping days left before Christmas.

A busy week of comings and goings lies ahead----comings and goings from the house to town, from the town to Spokane and around the neighborhood.

Willie and Debbie will head to Boise. My brother Jim flies in to Spokane Wednesday while brother Kevin and his wife Joyce drive over from Frenchtown with their two furry friends, Levi and Bridger. 

Friday Annie flies into Spokane with plans to stay here at the Lovestead for a week. Willie comes back the day after Christmas to go to Spokane for a basketball tournament. 

The Pre-Christmas craziness around here is drawing to a close with just a few gifts yet to wrap.  When that's done, the rest ought to be fun and maybe even a little relaxing. 

The photos below were taken at different times over the weekend.  That sun trying to break through gray clouds on Saturday afternoon pretty much symbolized, in my mind, the cold and quiet of winter.

Amazingly, a flower still struggles to survive in one of the deck pots. Dogs have done a little extra lounging through this cold, but it hasn't stopped them from enjoying the usual play in their field. 

Animals used to staying outside in frigid weather continue to leave proof of their presence in tracks all over the front yard or in actual sightings.   

Late yesterday afternoon while urging the barn door to close, the usual group of five which I had seen earlier walking single file across the Meserve Preserve, were on their leisurely stroll through the yard, headed toward Kaubleville and then across Selle Road.

While driving to town just minutes later, I saw that the Bambi family had made it to Murray's field. 

This bunch, which we've been seeing throughout summer and fall, seems to know exactly where the goodies and the best beds happen to be.  I've noticed that they keep up pretty much the same routines each day.

In other news, loading up the annual cookie and goodie plates for old friends, family and neighbors took up most of Saturday afternoon. 

Yesterday morning, I enjoyed breakfast and visiting with a friend at the Samuels Store, On my drive home, millions of magical, fluffy flakes falling from the sky created some lovely scenes of seasonal nostalgia. 

Twas a good weekend, topped off by yet another ZAGS win in Tennessee. The ZAGS proved their mettle in this one as it seemed they were not only competing against the Volunteers but also the Zebras. 

According to this morning's Spokesman, one more win at 12-0 will set a new ZAGS record for going undefeated.  That would be neat.

Just looked out the window and see light snow falling again.  Lookin' pretty much like we'll be enjoying a White Christmas.

Happy Monday. ⛄❆☃❄

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