Tuesday, March 02, 2021

March Gladness


According to the calendar this morning---and I've checked it twice---we are in the second day of the "Meteorogical Spring."  

Aren't you glad?

How many meteorological springs have we lived through and never knew that's what it was called?  And, then out of the blue,  yesterday the phrase suddenly became ubiquitous in the midst of many weather forecasts?

How have I missed knowing that we could really have pretended all these years that it's really spring on March 1 and enjoyed almost three more weeks of the season we all crave after a long winter----if we had just considered the meteorological aspect of it all?

Just curious if I missed that day of weather forecasting all those other years, cuz I sure tuned in to the term for the first time ever and then for several times thereafter yesterday. 

Anywho, it's kinda like the irritating phrase "cancel culture."  

I'm guessing that things were starting to get dull in the political vernacular, blaming every wrong in the world on Socialism, 'cept maybe those last stimulus checks.  

Has anyone read anything about people returning their stimulus checks to the government cuz of the sins of Socialism? 

Will the anti-Socialists return the next proposed batch?

 Just wondering. 

I just read on Twitter----after hearing "cancel culture" attached to a variety of  "wrongs" at least once every day for the past couple of months---that a Congressman is actually calling for a hearing on "Cancel Culture." 

What are they planning to drum up about this term? How will we be better off after the hearing?

Just wondering.

How many others get slightly irritated at hearing the term on a daily basis?

I wish they would just cancel its use.

Anyway, I now have those two irritants off my chest.

Meteorologically or not, a strong hint of March Gladness was in the air yesterday. 

I enjoyed two upbeat conversations with friends---one, at the end of the driveway; the other, on the telephone. 

One could sense that many big clouds are lifting and that they aren't just in the sky. 

Even my horses were feeling the endorphins from a day of bright sunshine.  

They all stood, not moving and not even fighting with each other for attention, as I brushed and combed them in the barnyard during afternoon sunshine. 

This IS definitely a seasonal transition time as lakes and puddles of water are forming where snow and ice are melting. That moisture, mixed with soft ground is forming an abundance of soupy mud.

This daily blend means that Liam will be getting hosed down every afternoon after his thousand trips around the barnyard fence.  

I've also decided he might just be spending more time in the dog run during this thawing, melting process.  

It will be a necessity if I don't want a trench deepening its way to China on my lawn around the fence. 

Plus, until he decides within the bounds of the run that he needs to dig some holes to China, he may stay relatively clean each day. 

I had just given Liam his bath and was walking him around in the sunshine for "shake, shake, shake"  when I received a text from my friend Kathy in Portland stating that she wished I were there. 

She and her retirement-era friend----also my longtime friend, Lincoln school mate and retired Lake City High School English teacher Peggy were enjoying their first day of March Gladness over lunch at a outdoor restaurant in the Portland area. 

It had been a year since they had been able to get together for this kind of visit.  And, yes, I think it would have been fun to be there gabbing with them. 

Some day.  

I also enjoyed hosing down the car yesterday afternoon IN SHIRT SLEEVES no less.  

Like Liam, the car attracts more than its share of mud during these times, and there's no way to avoid it on our dirt road, which has a wide assortment of potholes to maneuver, along with squishy mud.

I sure do wish there were a "cancel culture" for mud and grimy pant legs and dirty dogs during these Meteorological Springs.

We definitely are experiencing a dose of the good, the bad and the ugly of seasonal happenings, but the best part is that we truly are on our way to the real spring, and for that we are glad. 

Happy Tuesday.      

Kathy and Peggy.  

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