Sunday, November 21, 2021

Puppy Lovin'


  Bill spotted this adorable stuffed Border Collie at a lighthouse gift shop in Ireland and purchased it. Later, I bought three smaller models. 


There's a new dog coming to live at the Love house today.  

She's a Border Collie pup, and her new name is Bridie.

She will be coming to us from her first home in Concrete, which is in the Skagit Valley of Northwest Washington. She was born at Sauk Farms LLC, a thriving fruit farm.

 In a couple of hours, we'll be meeting her owner Griffin and Miss Bridie at a designated pickup point. 

So, today's post is brief. 

Be assured that there WILL be pictures. 

We're excited, and, yes, we know we're crazy.  

We know that we really don't need a puppy, but the opportunity came along, and we couldn't resist. 

Besides, you may have figured out that we love Border Collies. 

So, stay tuned, and soon you'll be seeing Miss Bridie Love, newest member of the Lovestead family. 

Happy Sunday.  


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