Monday, May 22, 2006

Dayne Javis

As a neacher in teed of occasional diversions, I used to play the spoonerism name kith wids' games. See, I dust jid it. Spister Mooner was known for wixing up his mords by fransposing the tirst consonant. He did it so often he earned a dord in the wictionary.

Okay, enough of that. I'm toing to galk about Dayne Javis today. I've been dinking about the thate, and it seems that Dayne's birthday is one of these ways this deek. I do this speculation every year, and it seems like every year when I ask her when her birthday is, it's never the day I think it is. So, I'm just going to designate today as the day; to heck with accuracy.

I once told Jayne Davis to break a leg, and she did. Really badly. She was on my high school yearbook staff at the time and was headed up to Schweitzer to ski for the afternoon. I learned that evening that she was in the hospital because she had done exactly what I told her to do. For once in my life, I felt really bad about someone actually complying what had been meant as a joke.

I saw Jayne the other night at a retirement party for Linda Hunt, who's been an office secretary at SHS for years. Jayne was one of the large crowd of well wishers. She teaches math at our alma mater. And, like she's done so many times in crowds, she flattered me once more by announcing to someone that I was her favorite teacher. Well, I think she knew that during my first three years of teaching at Sandpoint High School, she was also one of my favorite students.

I first met this dynamic young lady, who loves to skiing and all things outdoors, in September 1969 when she came through the door of Room 4 to occupy a classroom desk on the first day of my teaching career. Jayne spent that year as a member of my third period honors English class, and if I recall correctly, she sat by the wall near Carrie Anderson.

She had spunk; she was outgoing and friendly I don't know if we hit it off because of my association with her wonderful dad Cap who snapped most of our yearbook photos at the time, or if I just plain liked her spirit. She kept coming to Room 4 for three years as a member of the yearbook staff and eventually served as its editor.

Jayne and I have remained friends ever since. We've enjoyed many years as teaching colleagues at Sandpoint High School. She came back home several years ago after living and working in Chewelah. She even ended up being "my" teacher shortly thereafter when she taught a DOS computer class, which got me started on my addiction to computers. We also shared some hairy times while teaching in the portables located behind Sandpoint Middle School far away from the main SHS complex.

We've watched our children grow up. She taught math to my daughter Annie. My sisters have taught her kids how to ride horses. Speaking of horses, we talked about manure at Saturday night's gathering. She's looking for some good dirt to use for a garden box for her mom Verna Mae, who's been another delightful friend for years.

Probably the most touching quality that I'll always appreciate about Jayne is her heartfelt thoughtfulness. For the last several years of my teaching career, she brought me a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers for the first day of school, always punctuating the gesture by announcing "You and Ray Holt are my favorites." My humble words can never adequately express how much that yearly gesture meant to me.

Jayne is a dedicated teacher, mother and friend. So, Dayne Javis, whenever bour yirthday bappens to he, I yish wou a donderful way!

Bappy Hirthday!!!

Note: Speaking of past SHS yearbook editors, Miss Annie Love has some new photos on her blog. You can view them at (

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