Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sad thoughts revisited

During my early-morning reflections about my friend Betsy yesterday, I misstated some facts. Later, upon reading Betsy's obituary at, I realized the mistakes, felt terrible and made the corrections. So, please reread yesterday's tribute to Betsy and note the changes.

Also, my apologies for the oversights.

This morning I send condolences to the family of my teaching colleague, Tom Dryden who passed away yesterday. Tom taught biology at Sandpoint High School for decades.

He was known for his dry sense of humor, and I remember his spring bean projects where students nurtured a single green bean in a styrofoam cup. In fact, I wrote a story about Tom and the green beans a while back, and if I can find it, I'll post it later today.

Tom had a wonderful wife Cathy and phenomenal children. I taught most of them and appreciated each as respectful, friendly and smart young people who have all done well for themselves since graduating from Sandpoint High. My thoughts and prayers go to each of them and to all the Dryden family.

This is another tough week with old friends.

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Anonymous said...

I was in Mr. Dryden's biology class some 35 years ago. My thoughts went towards him and I googled and arrive here -- much too late. What I was going to do was look him up and complain that he explicitly removed the chapter on evolution from our biology class. This disservice done years ago still troubles me after all this time and perhaps some feedback might help others that are making this mistake.