Monday, November 09, 2009

For the snow lovers

I'm not a lover of snow, but I know a lot of folks are.
So, here are a few samplings of the upcoming winter.

We walked in about two inches of snow yesterday while trying to find a geocache planted by our friend Janice Schoonover of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.

We did not find the cache, which is located near a rock.

Well, there are lots of big rocks and boulders in this spot at the trail head leading toward Boulder Meadows.

The trail head is at the end of the Grouse Creek Road.

I have a feeling we'll return to the spot sometime this week, maybe with a few more clues.

Obviously, snow does play havoc with finding hidden treasures.

It also gives reason for taking pictures.

Since this was the first sticking snow I've seen in this fall's outings, I didn't complain.

Instead, I walked around with my air-conditioned and soon-wet hiking boots and snapped a few shots.

Plus, the clear morning sky gives us a pretty nice view of Schweitzer this morning.


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