Monday, August 30, 2010

Idaho Cultural Experience

Bill and I have been scurrying.  We're getting ready for an invasion from Seattle.  This weekend, up to a dozen Seattle-ites are descending upon the Lovestead for what our daughter calls "The Idaho Cultural Experience."  

Now, I'm guessing that throughout the Gem State, the notion of what constitutes an Idaho Cultural Experience may vary.  And, I'm almost positive that as we get geographically further and further away from Idaho, the concept in people's minds may get further and further away from reality. 

In fact, I hate to think of what some folks could conjure up. 

Anyway, our Annie's a planner.  She sets up a scenario and then does everything in her power to pull off all aspects of the plan.  We're still a little foggy on the full range of Annie's vision for this Labor Day weekend's events, but we've got the general picture.

Part of it includes the "new-old motorhome," which could serve as hotel for some of the guests.  We bought new-old motorhome from my sisters more than four years ago.  It has served as overnight camping for us on ONE night during that time.  That's when we camped at Robinson Lake near the Canadian border.

Since then, the 1976 Brougham has housed the Laumatia family for a few days---out west of the barn and some of Annie's Seattle friends while parked inside the storage shed.  I stayed in it a couple of times while my sisters were out of town and I was doing their chores.  

Other than that, the old rig has lived a good life, parked and hibernating.  We know it's been hibernating cuz we couldn't get it to wake up or fire up when Annie first told us of her plans.  Since then, Bill has purchased two new batteries at a $280 pricetag.  We've also cleaned it inside and out, and Bill has even bought some new items for the interior.

To say it's a spit-shined RV would be an understatement.  So, it's ready to roll----well, almost!  He noticed a flat tire yesterday afternoon, so we'll have to get that fixed. 

Annie's plan also includes the following:  

Camping at Green Bay on Lake Pend Oreille.  Virtually every local teen turned adult over the past 30-40 years has fond memories of Green Bay, and why not?  It's one of the more picturesque spots on the lake, and there's diving to be done off those high rock cliffs.  

Pizza at Second Avenue.  That reminds me; I'd better call ahead to Carolyn, so she'll be ready for this crowd of 30-somethings, plus parents.  

Target practice:  That's Bill's department.  I don't know if he's done a lot of planning there yet cuz he's been so involved with the motorhome.

Horseback riding:  I suggested to Annie that the crowd should go to Western Pleasure, but she thinks that's a little much to fit in on her tight schedule.  So, Lily may be busy throughout the weekend.

Breakfast at the HOOOOOOOOOT  Owl.  Not much to say about that except it's a given for almost everyone who makes overnight visits to the Lovestead.  

I'm sure there's some geocaching and hiking planned too, plus a trip through downtown Sandpoint.  Since this weekend is the Micro-Brew festival up at Schweitzer, you can bet the visitors will spend some time up there too.  

I don't know what else is on the agenda, but Annie assured me that we don't have to foot the food bill.  Thank goodness!  BUT one of Bill's barbecues is a planned meal, so they'll bring the meat, and Bill will work his magic on the grill.

We've got a lot of preparation ahead, but we're also looking forward to the weekend.  We've met many of Annie's friends so we know it's gonna be as much fun for us as it is for them.  

Geocaching crowd, Et. Al.:  We'll be ready for you.  Just don't laugh at our new-old motorhome.  We don't want it to get a complex and quit running.  It's done that before, ya know!

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Raine Lightner said...

I have very fond memories of that motor home and look forward to creating a few more... *blush*