Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New Dirt Road to Behold

Lily left a deposit last night, and the Iverson's still allowed us to enjoy ourselves on the dirt road leading from their house back to the main road.

I had never ridden to Terry and Edna's house until yesterday. They're my former colleagues at Sandpoint High School and happily retired.

They weren't home at the time, but their friend John was. He was working on a car in Terry's shop.

He said they were down over the hillside at Amy's house.

So, we talked for a while. Soon, I heard a 4-wheeler, and then Terry and Edna appeared.

Our visit continued until Lily decided her end game had come.

She pawed and fidgeted a bit. Finally, I decided she had stood around being a good girl long enough.

Terry said we could take the long way out rather than going back down their steep driveway.

That's when Lily left her deposit. We all figured it could add to the manure pile dirt Terry had hauled from our place earlier this year.

Same stuff, same source.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the new scenes.

Of course, I had to snap a few photos.

The weather has been perfect for horseback riding, a little cool but not uncomfortable.

Only problem is my horses need some shoeing. Lily's shoes have held on for more than two months, and one is just barely hanging on.

So, I'll call John today, and sometime this week, the fall shoeing will happen.

The young horses will each get a set of front shoes, while Lily will get all fours.

Then, I'm hoping for some opportunities to take her out and enjoy more beautiful scenery as summer colors make the switch into the autumn show.

We lost our fall colors last year, due to an early frost in August, so maybe this year's production will make up for it.

Anyway, there's no better feeling than sitting atop a horse and plodding through the countryside to take it all in.

Thanks, Edna and Terry, for letting me enjoy your views.

Hope you find a use for Lily's deposit.

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