Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out to Lunch-----Peak, that is . . . .

My dear friend Chris Moon stands back at the spot where she worked and lived in a lookout tower in the 1970s.

Chris spent a summer calling in fires and smokes from Lunch Peak in the Cabinet Mountains near Clark Fork.

She told me yesterday about lightning storms and how she was not to touch certain items in the tower during the storms.

A stool placed in the middle of her living quarters was deemed the safest place to stay while lightning struck all around the tower.

She also pointed down the steep hillside below the tower where she had to on brutal walks up and down to fetch her water supply.

"I learned how to be efficient with my water use," she told me yesterday during our visit.

Chris and I worked together for three summers as survey aides for the U.S. Forest Service Engineers. There's almost enough material available to write a book about our experiences and antics.

Chris is a longtime psychology professor at Pacific Lutheran University. She conducts research on newborns and their recognition of voice patterns.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot! I remember Dick Parsons was up on one of those towers one summer and a couple of us went up to see him. Pretty special experience. Puz

Christine said...

What great shots you got, Marianne! What a terrific day. Thanks for the drive, all the catching up, and lunch at Moms Cafe. I look forward to the next time, be it next year or thereafter. It's always so good. Chris