Thursday, August 12, 2010

Terrorists, birthdays and such

Author Jane Fritz talks about her experiences producing Legendary Lake Pend Oreille, while a couple of terrorist book lovers listen and read. 

They call themselves the "Refined Ladies Book Club and Terrorist Society."  Most are teachers or retired teachers.  One member even drives from Butte, Mont., to attend meetings.

They met yesterday at Kathy Berkley's home in Laclede (named by railroad officials for a French engineer).   They brought good food, wine, fun questions and and several helpings of good ol' belly laughs.  

We almost had to call the ambulance when one member, with tears in her eyes from listening to a heartfelt story, inadvertently wiped them after eating a jalapeno pepper.

Do NOT wipe your eyes while or after holding a jalapeno pepper at home or in a restaurant.  

She survived and came back for more tales associated with the Legendary Lake Pend Oreille book, which is now in its second edition. 

I left the meeting early, but the group moved on to the Captain Bill Berkley's boat for a cruise on the Pend Oreille River and dinner at Willow Bay's Trinity Restaurant


Yesterday was also Willie and Debbie's 9th wedding anniversary.  Soon after I returned home, they came from their celebration dinner at Hope's Icehouse Pizza.  Funky and fun, they said.

We walked around the recently-cut hay field where doggies romped.  Then we took a leisurely stroll along Bill's newly mown trails through the woods as dogs continued to frolic among the trees.

One unfortunate incident happened while we were in the hay field.  Something spooked the horses, and Lily ran too fast to stop before her mouth collided with a metal fencepost.  She suffered a few moments of agony as her gum bled, but within minutes,  she was back to grazing. 

Today is Mother's 89th birthday.  I'm thinking about mixing up some blueberry pancake batter and taking it over to fry some hotcakes for her breakfast.  

She'll probably hang out around her home today, and then we'll take her to dinner this evening.  We're wishing her a happy birthday and a pleasant time from start to finish.  If you're around town and know her, give her a call.

Tomorrow we'll start the countdown toward her major milestone of 90. 

Happy Birthday, Mother Tibbs!

And, many thanks to the Refined Ladies/Terrorists who put on a good time last night at their book club meeting.

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