Friday, September 03, 2010

The Calm before . . . .

It's quiet here right now. Bill has left for work. He said he'd be back by noon "to prepare." After all, he's an Eagle Scout, trained to prepare.

I don't know if we'll be completely prepared for all that will come about this weekend or if we'll be prepared enough to take it all in. Still, we're doing our best to be ready for Annie's "Idaho Cultural Experience."

  • Lawn mowed: check
  • Brownies baked: check
  • Chocolate chip cookies: check
  • Salad fixings: yet to do
  • Ample TP supply:  check
  • Clean towels:  check . . . they may want to bring some of their own
  • Ice for beverages: yet to do; who gets ice the morning before anyway?
  • Garbage to transfer station: yet to go
  • House vacuumed: after blogging
  • Laundry: always a work in progress
  • Doggie-log removal: after each dump; pick sits by the garage, ready to work
  • Horses primed for riding: here's a weak spot; Lily came up lame. Questionable
  • Target practice: Bill's department. I told him to send 'em over to Stan's barn.
  • Breakfast munchies: lots of coffee, get out the mugs, thaw bagels
  • Doggie performances: Border Collie nation is ready at a moment's notice
  • Second Avenue Pizza Alert: Carolyn's always ready for a crowd
  • Green Bay: Nothing needed there; eternally beautiful
  • Schweitzer: Ready and waiting for full weekend of visitors

I don't have too many other things on the check list. Annie assures me that she's letting up on the tight scheduling this weekend and looking forward to a laid-back experience.

I'll take a cue from her and do the same. Basically, it will be a happening with lots of visiting, coming and going, snacking, dining, picture taking and fun for all.

So, my overall goal is to maintain some of this calm I'm feeling while writing and thinking about the three days ahead. Now, that will be an accomplishment if I can pull off that goal without any hitches.

Stay tuned. Weekend reports to come.

In the meantime, do remember to tune into CBS Saturday Morning Show tomorrow; Grandma Mae tells me it starts here at 7 a.m. and lasts for two hours.

She says Megan will be singing three songs on the show.

In the meantime, enjoy your Friday and a great weekend to all. Stay calm. 

I've thrown in a remembrances of the  doggie 3-year-old birthday party for Todd, Brooke and Kea.  Five cakes cuz Kiwi and Annie Dog were the guests.  Debbie baked the cakes (doggie friendly), and we celebrated Sept. 1.  We also called and wished their brother Webster in Palm Springs a happy birthday. 

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