Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday Slight

Bill at the barbecue prior to last night's launch of the Idaho Cultural Experience.

Well, they filtered in throughout the evening, and more will come today.
The numbers didn't quite match earlier estimations, but when everyone's here, we'll have eight visitors from the Seattle area.  

Bill stood at the grill for about three hours, cooking chicken, brats, Woods' sausages and burgers as each group brought selected meats to go along with salads, chips, beer and a kitchen covered with various munchies.  Among those was the much-loved supply of Trader Joe's BBQ sauce and those maple cookies.

Willie and Debbie were here for the first segment of the party, so the guests enjoyed more than enough loving and wiggling from the Border Collie nation.

As I write, there's snoozing going on in Annie's bedroom, the motorhome and the shop.  Annie beat the morning crowd to the shower, and when I'm finished, I'll go downstairs and load up the coffee pot again.

They all seem very nice and very interesting---a couple of engineers, a doctoral student from U-Dub, and the geocaching crowd.  Daniel and Brian are new members to this group's inner circle.  They all met on a camping trip a few weeks ago.

We have a busy day ahead, and I think they'll be going to Schweitzer's Micro-Brew Festival sometime during the day.  

I learned early enough this morning, by checking Facebook that the Early Show on Saturdays starts at 5 a.m.  So, I missed Megan McCormick's first appearance but caught the last two.  The hosts really played up Oprah's statement that Megan is a "must-have" on her ipod.  

So, the support for a young singer songwriter doesn't get any better than that.  She was great, and I'm hoping to get ahold of one of her CDs.  Grandma Mae told me the other day she called Target to get one, and they were sold out.  So, I'm hoping Debbie can find me one when she goes to Spokane today.

That's "Honest Words" with Megan McCormick, if you're interested.  

Well, I'll keep this "slight" and simply wish all readers wherever you are a great day.  Also, I wish the best to the people of our beloved New Zealand as they deal with yesterday's damaging earthquake. 

Happy Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Your flowers look so pretty and I'm drooling all over my computer reading about the BBQ! Puz