Friday, September 24, 2010

Courtney's getting married

Leave it to Erica to help me remember.  

She posted on Facebook the other night that she was headed off to Portland for a wedding where the bride was wearing a hot pink dress.

"Oops," I said to myself, "Time sure got away from me."  This was the time since I received that unusual wedding invitation sometime back in July, putting it aside, thinking September's a long way off.

Well, September's almost over, seemingly overnight, and Erica's reminder that she was headed off to that wedding shocked me into the instant reality that I had totally forgotten Courtney's wedding---cuz it was a long way off, of course.

It's this weekend, and I'm going to have to scurry to get a gift/card off to Courtney.  I do know of cases where wedding gifts do arrive after the fact, so maybe she and her hubby will forgive ol' Mrs. Love.

Courtney's in the photo above.  I ran across a pile of photos from way back just yesterday while looking for something else I had put in a safe place----just like that wedding invitation which is somewhere in a pile all its own.  

Good thing about losing important things----you find other fun stuff you haven't seen in years.

This photo was taken during the late spring of 1993 in the Love family front yard just before the Senior Prom.

The group of senior girls, plus their friend Karen who was coming in on a plane later, decided to go to the prom en masse and pick their dates. 

Most of their selections were underclassmen who were quite happy to be asked to the prom.  

After picking up Karen at the airport, the group went to dinner at Chucky Cheese in Spokane. 

I don't remember the rest of the evening's agenda, but I do believe part of it involved going to the actual prom.  Sometimes that doesn't happen, I've heard tell.

Anyway, that was 17 years ago and this is now and  Courtney is getting married this weekend.  Some folks may know her folks, Tim and Debbie Ferguson.

Among these young ladies of SHS Classes of 1993-4, one became a teacher (that's Karen, who doesn't appear in the photo), Sarah (on the left) studied biology and later became a fisheries biologist, Talitha (she endorsed the back of my first book with her brilliant wordsmithing) is now a veterinarian in Boise, Erica lives in Liberty Lake and has turned from full-time journalism to equine massage and motherhood.  

And, our wedding girl Courtney is a writer, which, of course makes me proud.

Back Row:  Luke is a teacher but also a soldier.  He's served in Bosnia, Iraq and, I believe, will soon go to Afghanistan.  He married his classmate Kami.  

Andy has traveled the world and had a stint doing sports reporting at the Dallas Morning News.  I'm not quite sure what he does these days. Aaron lives in Boise and has a family. Willie---well, most folks know he's now the SHS Cedar Post adviser---from which most of this group got their journalistic background.  

Caleb got into horticulture and, if I recall correctly, he puts his talents to use at a New York museum. I wonder if he ever learned to type faster than minus three words per minute.

They were a rollicking fun group, to say the least, and their mass prom date that year pretty much matched the way they live their lives----successful, fun, a little on the offbeat side and always interesting.  

So, today I dedicate my blog posting to Courtney as a substitute for the soon-to-come wedding gift.  I wish you a wonderful, memory filled, rollicking good weekend.  And, knowing some of the folks who are gonna be there, that should work out just right.  

Congratulations, Courtney. 


Deon said...

Hi there, Marianne~~

I really enjoyed reading a couple of your 'blogs'- always a pleasure reading great columns! Even tho' I don't know the people discussed, you gave me the feeling that I'd like to.
Good job.
Thanks again.

MLove said...

Thank you, Deon. We'll have to meet one of these days. Ever since I contacted your store, I've had a fascination for visiting The Long Ear and seeing what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. Love. You were missed at the wedding. I'll send some pictures your way once we get 'em. -Courtney