Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Slight

Welcome to the "before latte" segment of Saturday Slight.  I'm starting my mini writing detours early this morning and will continue later during "official latte" time, as usual. 

A head start will be helpful because we're on a schedule this morning.  We need to be out the driveway before 9 o'clock, with a young horse loaded and headed for Spokane.  There's a stop along the way.  Lefty's Coggins papers are at the Fry Creek Veterinary Clinic south of the Long Bridge. 

Dr. Jenny Grimmett called me last night and said she'd leave them there for me.  She says Lefty is Coggins free.  I've never before thought to ask what the Coggins test tests.  I just knew you have to have one for each horse every year if you're going to cross state borders so you get it done and pay the bill.

Jenny says Coggins tests for Equine Infectious Anemia, which is very contagious,  so other states don't want it anywhere near their horses.  Makes good sense.

Anyway, Lefty's okay on that count.

I hope he settles down with his loud, piercing, baby horse screams once we get a ways down the road.  Everyone knows we're coming when Lefty's in the trailer.  He'll have a big hay bag, and since he's spent a lot of time in the fat pen, I'm sure the lure of  that hay bag will keep his mouth occupied most of the trip.

It will be sad to leave him there and not to see him for a month cuz he's a sweet, lovable little horse who makes every trip to the barnyard  a delight.  But he'll come home educated and more than likely bomb proof as a saddle horse, so his absence should be worth the sacrifice. 

I went to the Draft Horse Show yesterday.  Sat with my friend Rose Marie, her friends Barb and Mary and her hubby Jim.  The grandstand was full, and the action in the ring was as exciting and spectacular as ever.  I never tire of watching those huge horses and their spit-shined hitches and harness. 

One class had 12 entries with two-horse hitches,  and when there's that much horse power pulling those big wagons around the arena, the arena looks pretty small. 

The organizers  and entrants do a wonderful job of putting together fast-moving entertainment for their audiences.  I encourage anyone who's never attended a Draft Horse Show to go check it out.  It's truly mesmerizing.


We're planning to sit on Willie's couch with Willie and the dogs tonight while watching the Boise State-Oregon State football game.  The Beavers painted their practice field blue this week so the team could simulate playing on the Broncos bright blue turf. 

I guess every little bit counts when you're out to beat the Broncos these days.  Hopefully, good ol' raw football, whether it be on a green, red or yellow surface makes all the difference in a victory.  And, I think Boise State certainly prepares well in that category.

I'm wondering what the pundits will say if they win again this week and win big.  Last week, some sports commentators could not bring themselves to acknowledge that a 51-6 lead was a definite defeat.  Instead, I heard one say that the Broncos were going to have to win by big margins in every single game if they want to get any respect in the polls.  

LATTE-INDUCED THOUGHTS:  Regardless of what the pundits pontificate, ESPN believed Boise State had earned enough sophistication to plan today's two-hour Game Day program in Boise.  In fact, my TV is now alive with shots of a huge, boisterous crowd in Bronco Stadium and within the Smurf Turf. 

I turned on just in time to see rafters floating down the river near Boise and then an aerial shot of the our Idaho Capital city.  They say it will be 80 degrees there today.  GO BRONCOS!  And, best of luck to our other regional teams. 

It's gonna be a beauty here today also.  Just light clouds in the sky and possibility of a temperature in the high 70s.  If the weather forecast for the next few days holds true, I might just get to harvest a bunch more beans.  Mother Nature is giving us one more chance to enjoy some garden goodies, and for that I bow down to her and say thanks. 

I can't think of anything more to share even with help from my latte.  The beautiful morning is calling me away from this computer, so I'll heed the call and wish you all a wonderful weekend day wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

sorry you missed the four abreast horse-beyond amazing.
enjoyed watching with you!