Thursday, September 16, 2010

Travels with Lily . . . .

Yesterday offered another spectacular day to saddle up and go for a horseback ride.

This time Lily and I joined Pam/Buttermilk and Roxane/Bouncer at the Ginter Fish and Game Preserve off Rapid Lightning Creek Road.

Of course, the rustic cabin along the trail offers a great place to snap a photo or two.

Roxane said they needed to get a picture of Lily and me. I told her Lily's picture has been taken enough times at that spot.

This was the first time I'd ridden with Pam. She normally lives at the far side of Lake Pend Oreille at Cedar Creek, but she stays in town on occasion and keeps Buttermilk at Roxane's.

Buttermilk is 18 and definitely a trooper. When Lily puts up a fit while following others down hills or while Bouncer gets apprehensive about rocks or logs alongside the trail, Buttermilk just keeps on truckin'.

We had a great ride and perfect weather. We met a couple of other riders along the trail---Corie Green and Linda Collins. They're both regulars on horseback, and it's likely one could meet them most anywhere.

Our trail took us to the Trout Creek Fish and Game property off HWY 200 near the Pack River Bridge.

We rode to a stump where four years ago Bill planted a geocache. It's still there, and the log book is filled with entries from other geocachers who have found his "Humbird Stump" cache.

It was there that I got off from Lily to show the ladies the cache and to visit the "restroom." Surprisingly and happily, I climbed back on Lily from the ground.

When you're 63 and you can still manage that feat on a tall horse, it's greatly satisfying.

Of course, for me, a stop by the Pack River General Store after a Ginter ride is a must. While Lily stood quietly in the trailer, I went inside for my caffeine fix. They had to make a new pot so I enjoyed visiting with some of the staff and patrons.

For anyone who wishes some fine dining at a good ol' country store, the Pack River folks offer Friday night fancy dinners, complete with tablecloths. 

For example, last Friday night's offerings from $15.99-$21.99 included prime rib, stuffed chicken breast, shrimp scampi, and cedar planked salmon as main courses.  Each dinner includes soup or salad and dessert.  

On Sept. 10, the dessert menu included chocolate torte with chocolate crust, creamy chocolate inside; carmel apple pie with vanilla ice cream; New York cheesecake with berry sauce and cream puffs, stuffed with ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup. 

You have to call ahead for reservations, and these special dining experiences are on scheduled dates each month.  Anyone who's ever eaten anything from the Pack River General Store will tell you the trip out there is worth the experience. 

Great neighborhood flavor along with fine food.
And, the fresh-brewed coffee hit the spot yesterday afternoon too.

If you wish to learn more about reservations and dates for dinners, their number is 208-263-2409. 


Yesterday was horse day all day long.  I took Lefty over to the Colburn ranch where there was an evening group lesson going.  And, Cherise, if you're reading, your mom was there riding that big Thoroughbred.  He looks phenomenal in comparison to the first time you showed him to me shortly after you had rescued him.
My sister Laurie rode Lefty throughout the lesson, and he performed almost as if he'd been ridden all his life.  People made fun of his fat lumps up on his tail head, but that had no bearing on his willingness to perform amidst all the other activity.

I think he'll definitely be a keeper for a saddle horse.  My daughter-in-law Debbie came along with me, and it's possible that she'll spend some time in the saddle (not the saddle horn) on Lefty.  

Another busy day ahead.  If the overnight rain has left for a while, I've got lawn to mow and then will take Mother for her monthly doctor's visit.  

Happy Thursday to all. 

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