Friday, September 17, 2010

Wet Friday

I can hear finches and raindrops out my window.  It's a gloomy Friday out there, but at least the mountains aren't socked in.  Maybe we'll just have passing showers during the next few days.

Just read on Facebook that Annie's off to Minneapolis for the weekend.  It's another geocaching-related trip and a chance to watch the Minnesota Twins play baseball.  That young lady has logged the miles so far this year, and I've heard rumblings of some trips next month too.

She has invited me to come over in mid-October to celebrate her 32nd birthday and to attend a Sounders soccer game.  I'm the only one in our immediate family who has yet to see the Sounders wild and crazy phenomenon.  So far, everyone else who has attended matches with Annie has loved the experience.

I think I have to get in shape for it, though.  Apparently in the noisy, raucous section where she always watches, the fans stand throughout the entire match and some of the newbies in the crowd spend time covering their ears.  

I guess there's a little noise pollution to be heard when this group of spectators gets fully enGROSSED with the action.

Anyway, it will be a fun and memorable experience, I'm sure. 

Tomorrow is the "Thank God It's the Last Horse Show of the Season" at the county fairgrounds.  Barbara and Laurie are planning to ride, as is one of their young students.  

She's a Darling, literally----granddaughter to my dear friend and former colleague Dave Darling.  Maybe he'll show up and we can have another Love-Darling encounter. 

I'll be taking Mother to some parts of the show, if the weather cooperates.  It will be nice to just sit back and watch a horse show in the stands rather than up feeling trapped for the day in that announcer's booth.  

My brother Mike drove over from DuPont yesterday.  Haven't seen him yet but will probably visit with him over coffee this morning.  He has come to defend his age-group title in the Scenic Half-Marathon.  Somehow, I don't think the scenery will be quite so breath-taking with this weather but conditions for running should be ideal.  
I heard from Mother that my brother Kevin got his first and only moose this week.  Big one and good tasting meat, I'm told.  I still haven't developed a taste for game meat, but those who do like it, swear by it.  

Bill was gone overnight on his annual "Driving Miss Betty" tour.  Well, actually, it's not called that, but Bill coined the moniker several years ago when he started driving Betty Munis for a dry run on a proposed route for state legislators, journalists and key business people to view what's happening in and being produced in Northern Idaho's forests.  

It's all part of Betty's focus as director of the Idaho Forest Products Commission, and it's apparently a fun and informative two days, stopping at logging sites, mills, and other forest products entities. 

As for me, I maintain my usual "if there's trouble, Marianne can find it" reputation yesterday.  Drove the lawnmower much too close to that piece of Satellite TV cable sticking out of the ground near the dish.  

After some noise pollution, I jumped from the lawnmower, ran to the house and called the local satellite companies, telling each I had done a bad thing.  One company could not send anyone out to fix the cable until late Monday afternoon.  The other could come today for $15 more than the first one.

I picked the second company, and, if all goes well, before Bill returns from "driving Miss Betty," all the satellite stations with all the weekend football games will be back up and running.  

I was a bit shocked after calling the companies to find that we still reception from a few local stations, so it wasn't a total disaster.  

Don't know what I'll do to keep life interesting today, but I'm sure whatever's meant to be, I'll find it.

Happy Friday!

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