Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting there . . . .sorta

It was scurry-up Thursday at the Lovestead yesterday.  Seemed like I was on the go nonstop throughout the day. 

At the end of the day (I hate that cliche), but in this case, it's literal.  The end of the day of running to and fro came around 8 p.m. just as the San Francisco Giants were cleaning up on the Texas Rangers.

I know my sister-in-law Margaret is happy about that, but I'm not so sure about her twin brother Bill.  When the Rangers got in to the World Series, which was before the Giants, Bill commented that he could now brag about watching the Rangers in Seattle earlier this year. 

At that time, I told him I was pulling for the Giants cuz I wanted a West Coast team to win the Series.

Well, we're two games in, and Bill hasn't had a lot to say about the results.  This is not a fierce competition, by the way.  We just picked two different teams, for a change. 

That way one of us will be happy with the outcome and, whatever the outcome, the other will probably move on with life without too many regrets.

But it would be nice for Margaret, who lived in San Francisco for some time to see her Giants win it all.

Anyway, back to the scurrying.  Mother's car needed to go for a check-up.  So, Debbie took me over to pick it up and take it to Rokstad's.  She brought me home and headed off to Spokane to work for the day.

Well, I tried to publish a completed blog, but the blogger gods decided not to publish it because of "conflicting edits."  

That's a head scratcher, for sure. 

It seems that yesterday's long list of accomplishments is being offset by just the opposite today.  Forty-five minutes of writing went somewhere besides my blog.   

So, I'm not going to fight it.  Will just summarize.

Barns cleaned, hay put out, lawn and a whole bunch of leaves mowed, half a flower bed cleaned out in spite of nasty, attacking stickers from long rose stems, final stall mat put down in Lily's stall, 16 bags of shavings purchased and unloaded in the barn, beef cuts ordered on the beef half at Wood's, Mother's car returned home with the expectation of an $1,100 repair bill in the spring for the leaky air conditioning line.  

We three siblings who drove the car this summer and wondered if the vehicle with all its bells and whistles had the edge on us were not so dumb after all.  The air conditioning did not work, for a reason.  That was nice to learn but not the news about the repair cost.  

Anyway, yesterday was a good day for getting things done, and apparently today is gonna test me again if my blog posting success is any indicator.  

I'll just quit here and wish you all a good Friday. 


Anonymous said...

Please do not forget about your friends in the wine country who are huge Giant fans. Yours truly,Cellar Rat Bob

Word Tosser said...

I have taken up with writing mine on Ms Word. Gives me spell check and then I copy paste to the blog.. and if blog fouls me problem... just start over and hit paste again.. there it is... no problem... It took me 3 time of being zapped by blogspot, to figure that one out... has cut down the stress level so much... lol

Margaret said...

Thanks for the good wishes about those SF Giants.

This is their year - the best hope since 1962 with Mays, McCovey, Marischal, Orlando Cepada, et al.

New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl and Giants the World Series would just simply be the best ever.