Thursday, October 28, 2010

Transition Time

It's a rare year when the lawn is so green when leaves turn and snow falls on the mountains.

This year is one of them.

This combination would be a perfect winter in my mind. 

Kea would probably agree.  

Yesterday I finished the carrot harvest (thanks, Judy, for the recipe tips) and started in on the flower beds.  

Lots of grass and dead growth got hauled off to the woods.

We may even have enough dry time today for me to get most of the flower beds ready for bed.

I also took out some time to snap a few photos of the horses in their pasture.

And, speaking of photos, my sisters went for several trail rides this fall in the Pack River area.  They've kinda kept this under their hat until Barbara took her camera along for proof of a rather unusual sighting.

You can see the evidence and other samples of her wonderful photography at Barbara's Flickr account:

Scroll down to the second photo on the left. 


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