Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Insignificance in the Glow of Inspiration

Darkness before the light: another cool, crisp beautiful fall day is unfolding.

A load of gravel coming early this morning to cover chronic mud holes around the farm.

A trip in to Spokane to see my Lefty.

Three big pears almost ripe on a young fruit tree in the yard.

Four happy dogs coming soon to spend another day romping at the farm.

Leaves changing to their fall brilliance.

Homegrown pumpkins in the yard, gradually turning yellow.
An early morning walk down the lane with beloved horses and a later walk through the woods.

That welcome, tasty morning latte, which always launches me for the rest of the day.


All of the above are insignificant on this day when an uplifting, inspiring story from a mine in Chile trumps all. 

God bless the miners.  

God bless their families and all the people who teamed up to pull off this miracle.  

We, in this cynical world, needed this story to remind us of what is truly important in this life on Earth.

Darkness before the light----the light has come and will continue to come to the miners---and maybe even to the rest of us.

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