Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday This and That

The October River Journal has hit the streets, and I see that Trish, the publisher,  has the new content online.  

My "Love Notes" column this month featured singer/songwriter Megan McCormick.  It was a fun piece to write, and I must admit being thrilled last week while showing the "hot-off-the-press" version to some folks in Athol.

Megan was born in Coeur d'Alene, and spent her childhood in Athol.  So, the folks down there can be very proud of "one of their own."  

And, if the clerk's run outside to the newstand at the Athol Texaco store to pick up several copies was any indication of local pride, I think her story should make the community pretty happy, as it does the folks in Sandpoint and Alaska who know so many members of her family.

If you want to read all about Megan and enjoy oodles of other TRJ writers' submissions, you can visit The River Journal online at

Thanks, Trish, for always putting out some fun reading material each month. 


It's almost ZAG season again.  I stopped by the Gonzaga bookstore yesterday to grab a pile of men's basketball 2010-2111 posters.  Last year I called before going to Spokane and told them I would be picking up posters for several friends.

Later, when I arrived at the bookstore, the clerk said I could only have two.  Eventually, maybe feeling sorry for me, he relented and allowed me to take about half a dozen, which were distributed among friends and family here in Sandpoint.

Yesterday the bookstore did not yet have the posters, so, to make sure I could have the desired amount, I asked if they could put my name down for next week when I'd again be going through Spokane.  The staff was very nice about getting my information and guaranteeing me enough posters to go around my local Zagnut circle.

They also told me about the "snuggies," and because they were so nice to me (Thank you, Jodi and Scott), I'm reciprocating by posting their link today.  You can get ZAG snuggies and all kinds of other items from the bookstore for the upcoming season or for Christmas gifts.  

And, you can even purchase a few Zagnuts---tasty Butterfinger-type candy bars.

For all you human Zagnuts out there, it's just a few weeks until the season opens, so be ready and check out the offerings at

Hard to believe we'll be back at our basketball frenzy within a few weeks.  GO ZAGS!  We'll be ready. 
While I'm in a promotional mood, I must talk about Chaps.  As a horselover, I should be excited, but also as a lover of a fine lunch, I must say that my first trip to Chaps in Spokane was delicious and fascinating.

I drove in to Spokane to see how Lefty was progressing with his training.  "Non-event" is more the word.  Lefty does everything he's asked.  He's coming along just fine, which is no surprise to me.  

I do think he recognized my voice and acted somewhat happy to see me.

When the training session had ended, Monty asked if I wanted to join him and his friend for lunch at Chaps.  

It's a relatively new restaurant/bakery at South 4237 Cheney-Spokane Road.  Monty tells me a lady from Montana owns the place and spares no energy in keeping the decor vibrant and interesting.  A row of chaps greets customers at the door.

The restored old house with two levels (maybe even three)  has serveral nooks and crannies (separate dining areas) filled with fascinating antiques.   A big open dining area with a bakery was recently added.  The landscaping is colorful and beautifully designed.  

And, the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, which we all ordered, was to die for----the best I've ever eaten.  Huge toasted slices of bread and gigantic, tasty slices of bacon with the traditional lettuce and tomato---and, of course, the old-fashioned mayonnaise.

I'll go back on future trips to Spokane, for sure.   It's just off the Pullman Highway in a small shopping mall west of the Zips turn-off.  Definitely worth the trip.  

Well, my babbling about this and that has gone on long enough.  It's time to get outside and enjoy one more gorgeous fall day.  So, have a great Thursday. 


Word Tosser said...

Dang, wish I had known you were going to get posters... is that the one like your mom had with the games on it? As I was going to ask you to pick one up for my daughter.. she became a fan about 3years ago.... and I told her about the one you got your mom last year...

MLove said...

Well, let's see what comes in the mail. If I have an extra, it's yours.

Anonymous said...

We are excited about the Zag season getting underway. We have our tickets for the Battle in Seattle and Rick has a new sweatshirt to wear. Hmmm. Should have him pick something up for me.