Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sleeping well---sometimes a challenge

I slept well last night, and I was all alone in this house.  Every door was locked, and, of course, the fan was going full blast to drown out any spooky noises.  

Usually I don't sleep so well when Bill is gone.  My imagination kicks into overdrive, usually once I've hit the bed and have almost fallen asleep. 

Last night I was careful not to watch "Criminal Minds" or "Law and Order."  I watch those shows when Bill is home, when I think I'm safe from the bogeyman. 

Being home alone watching even the first 30 seconds of "Criminal Minds" can work a number on a fraidy-cat mind.  After flipping the channel to CBS and seeing some poor unfortunate woman fleeing through the woods from what was probably a deranged killer, I remembered that "Friday Night Lights" is on Direct Channel 101 Wednesday nights at 9.

So, I avoided seeing what would surely be gruesome details on Channel 2 and switched right over to one of my favorite shows.  I'm sad to hear that this is the final season of "Friday Night Lights," but I guess those football teams in Texas tend to graduate eventually.  

It seems that the team has acquired some new players with captivating stories of their own, blending into the lives of the coach and his wife, who this year has gone from being a school principal to a counselor.  

I stayed awake long enough to see the all-too familiar, weary expressions of the faculty who were being asked by the new, idealistic counselor on the block to add one more duty to their day and devote just a few more minutes after school to help out students in need.  

Seems there's always a storehouse of potential for extra duties among the teaching staff who, of course, never have anything to do to prepare for their classes and advise all their extracurricular activities. 

I got the distinct impression that the new counselor on the block was going to have to pursue a different approach to getting help for these kids in need.  

But I never knew the rest of the story cuz I fell sound asleep on the couch and did not wake up until the coach was standing before his team and writing "STATE" on the white board.  Then, came the credits.

So, I went to bed and actually fell asleep in a reasonable amount of time.  No bogeymen succeeded in waking me up last night.

I'm wondering this morning how Bill slept.  I do know a small portion of his story of taking the New Old Motorhome to Fishtrap Lake with his hunting buddy and colleague TJ.

The two set off early yesterday morning in the motorhome,  with no back-up rig,  bound for a two-day pheasant-hunt in an area south of Spokane.

I was stunned that they didn't take an extra rig for just in case.  Now, there were two men with a lot of confidence.  

Bill was almost giddy when he called about 10:30 yesterday morning to report that "We made it to Fishtrap Lake and we've even scouted it out a bit."  That's when I learned that they had 10,000 acres of hunting area to chase down some pheasants.  

According to Bill's upbeat report, they encountered no problems with their transportation/overnight accommodations and that the RV sailed up the Sunset Hill west of Spokane.

That's a triumph, compared to the time he prepared for more than a week like a good Boy Scout does for a trip to Colville and made it as far as Peak Paving on Baldy Road and had to call for help and then a wrecker.

Like Bill says-----he pointed this out dramatically the day we watched the first Quest Aircraft Co. Kodiak take off and fly---that what's most important is for the plane to land.  

In the new old motorhome's case, the true test will be complete when it comes rolling back into the Lovestead with no side trips to rig repair shops. 

Of course, getting there and getting home were of primary concern as I thought about Bill and Tom's Excellent Adventure.  I also thought about these two guys and how they'd manage in those close quarters with sleeping, snoring and middle-of-the-night trips to the john.

During the planning phases of this trip, Bill said Tom was happy about having the motorhome but bent on making sure a "facility" was nearby.  So, he called ahead to make sure the recreational area had a "facility" and that it was open.  My only question now is how far away the motorhome is parked from the "facility."  

I'm with Tom.  I like some privacy in my life with my daily personal duties, so I vote for additional facilties too.  Bill and Tom are big men, and I'm not so sure what it would be like for the two of them if one had to get up in the night and squeeze himself into that little RV bathroom-----and there are no fans to drown out . . . . well, you know.  

I asked Bill beforehand what it was going to be like when the two of them climbed into bed---about two feet away from each other----and tried to get to sleep.  Would there be giggling?  And, what about the snoring, which I know Bill does in great volume and often.  

That's when Bill said he was going to offer Tom the top bed above the cab.  Of course, that in itself, presents another challenge.  I've slept in that top bed at horse shows when we filled the motorhome with four or five people---in beds, on the floor, etc.  

My bladder suffered through those nights, because I knew, as the klutz I am, how much noise and how much of a commotion it was gonna be if I had to climb down that ladder in the dark, avoid a body and squeeze myself into that RV john to relieve myself.  

So, I stayed put, all night, and every time I rolled over, an ocean's worth of liquid crashing and rolling within would put such stress on my bladder that it wanted to scream.  And, so did I.  Morning was more than welcome on those occasions. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the new old motorhome return this evening and anticipating some good stories from the pheasant hunters.  Heck, they may even bring home a bird or two.  

And, one thing's for sure---if there are scary shows on TV tonight, I can watch them from start to finish---if I can stay awake, that is.

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