Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The morning-after pill for better politics

Well, we have survived another political season.  And, this year it truly seemed like a test of mental survival, dealing with all those vile attack ads.  They should be gone now, and a new day begins for this nation.  

Regardless of which candidates won or are winning in this election, I challenge them all to stick to one guideline:  drop the nastiness and strive to be a positive example every single day. 

It's okay to fight vigorously for your beliefs, but do it with respect.  Restore a sense of dignity to political debate and to future political campaigns.

Whether they represent the red, white or Independent voters, the newly elected and their incumbent colleagues would do well to maintain a high standard of behavior as they go about their daily duties of governing.

If this could happen, maybe, just maybe, the example each of our elected officials working individually to exemplify positive, time-honored behavior and respect can translate into politics once again elevating itself above the seediness that we've endured in those ads.  

If we voters believed all those innuendo-driven claims bombarding the air waves and the print media over the past couple of months, we might think that our national, regional and local leaders---every last one of them---are lying, cheating, stealing, unscrupulous no-good scoundrels.

I hope and pray and want to believe that they are not.   Best wishes to all who won in yesterday's elections.  May they follow their principles and fight a "good" fight.   

And, may they work every day from now until 2012 to defy those attack ads and restore the belief that to serve one's nation, region or community through the political process is truly an honorable thing to do.

Regardless of individual philosophies, I think most Americans would breathe a sigh of relief if the newly elected Congress and Senate would waste no time proposing,  writing and enacting legislation to shorten the political season and to encourage a higher standard of rhetoric and behavior across the board in the campaign process. 

And, when the next election rolls around, each candidate should reject any campaign ad that appeals to the lowest common denominator of behavior and mentality.

My cynical side says "dream on"  to the above, but my idealistic side hopes for a better day on the political scene. 

I don't know how we could stoop much lower. 

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