Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday Twitterdeezippedydoodahday!

I do see clouds coming over the mountain, but it looks like the rain may have stopped for a while.  My oh my, it could be a wonderful day.  Dry day or not, it IS a wonderful day.  

We shall be free.

As of 8 p.m. tonight, after hauling in a sinful amount of money from who knows whom to spread repetitive hate messages about the vast majority of candidates running for national, regional and local offices, the Madison Avenue types will have to look elsewhere to fill their pockets.

And, thankfully, we weary listeners/readers/viewers can once again break away from turning away. 

Are there Viagra and Cialis accounts waiting in the wings?  As far as I'm concerned Election season has to be just as bad as the advertised four-hour . . . .

Who knows what the advertising "geniuses" have in store for us, but I'm sure the nation will breathe a collective sigh of relief tomorrow morning, and it will have nothing to do with who won the elections. 

I heard a story last night about a couple who go on long hikes----like the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, etc.  They purposely plan their adventures for election years, specifically to escape the weariness of the long, drawn-out political season.  I think they've got the right idea.

Anyway, today it's over.  As soon as I finish my blog and a few other little chores, I'll head over to that church on Colburn-Culver and say hello to the neighborhood during the process of signing the blank after my name, taking a ballot and then privately adding my X's or writing in some names.  

I don't have to do "write-ins" down the whole ballot because there are some local candidates who were nice enough to run positive campaigns, based on their own principles and their reputations.  I'm sure my ballot will show a mixture of political parties, along with the write-ins.

It's always fun to figure out some good candidates for write-ins.  I think I'd, for sure, vote for Bill Love for something.  Now there's a worthy individual who should run for office because of his strong sense of values and his natural ability to work with all factions.  

Bill has enough sense not to run for office.  Still, I'll probably write his name down for one of the races where I've grown completely weary of both candidates.  

My neighbor, who worked elections for years, told me that the "write-in" votes are a real pain for the election workers.  Still, I think we need to exercise the option when we don't care for the choices on the ballot. 


In other news, I saw the Chaps segment on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" last night.  The program featured the owner's blueberry French toast---looks more like cake, it's fried and has blueberry frosting on top.  Her stuffed pork loin got some attention too.  

The tightly-scripted nature of the program seemed much more apparent to me than past episodes, especially because of having visited the restaurant. 

Glad to see the Giants win the Series last night.  Seemed like they were a class act all the way, and the story that goes along with their win is pretty neat too.  

Congrats to the team and all their fans.

Guess that's enough for this morning.  Time to get moving and on my way to the polls.  Have a great day, and do take the time to VOTE.  

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Lori said...

I would cast a write in vote for Bill also!