Monday, November 01, 2010

Wet and Wonderful at the Lovestead

These folks fit in the "wonderful" category.

They were our only trick-or-treaters last night.

Two years in a row, they've come dresses and ready for the treats.

Bill asked them where all they'd been when they showed up a little after 7 p.m.

"Everywhere," one said.

Another said, "We went to the McNalls and the Wood's."

To which Bill responded, "That is just about everywhere."

They also visited my sisters before coming over for their treats and their annual photo shoot.

I must say "Dolly" won the costume prize. His sister did a nice job of getting him "dressed."


Also in the wonderful but "wet" category was the walk I took with my camera in between rainstorms yesterday afternoon.
I took my time, enjoying the woods, the dogs, the horses, the fast-moving, low-lying, rain-filled clouds and the brilliance of tamarack showing off amidst their evergreen friends.

I snapped a few photos while enjoying the beauty.

Great Halloween---Bill and I enjoyed a garden veggie dinner with Longhorn sausages and another dish of that rich, rich, rich Best Damn Pumpkin Dessert, Period.

And, the Giants won.

  I know some folks in the wine country are happy---and, of course, Margaret!

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Margaret said...

One win away...

Go Giants!!!