Monday, December 13, 2010

A Kinder, Gentler Christmas Tree

All ya need is . . . .

Of course, I'll pay tribute to the Beatles any chance I get.

Love does make the world go round, and it can do a lot to make things better.

So, we have a pretty little love ornament on our tree this year.

I think it came on a beautifully wrapped gift last year.

I've always been one of those who likes to use what's available to create some semblance of beauty.

And, I found the "love" item available in one of the sacks of Christmas decorations yesterday.

So, it's on the tree, along with the beautiful angel which a guardian angel created for us last year.

I must say that decorating the Christmas tree went off without a hitch yesterday.

It hasn't always been that way in the past.

Bill always knows to be gone when Marianne starts talking tree decorating.

He knows the air could turn blue and it won't be smoke coming from the stove.

Instead, it's stuff coming from Marianne's mouth when the tree refuses to cooperate.

And, I've had some damn stubborn trees in the past.

I've also had a few that needed a lot, and in some cases, they needed a lot more than I had in my bag of tricks-er-decorations.

So, some cussin' would start permeating the air, even above the Christmas music.

This year's tree is a darling, I must say.

A few days ago when I was talking about trees while admiring my mother's gorgeous display, she suggested I follow suit.

"Why don't you get an artificial tree?" she suggested.  "They're a lot easier, they don't make a mess, and they don't need any care."

Tempting, yes, but realistic no.

"When your husband's a forester, you don't put up an artificial tree," I said.

"Oh yeah," she noted.

Still, I liked the looks of Mother's tree.

So, later, I told Bill to pick out a smaller tree than usual.

"I don't want it to take up a bunch of space, but it still has to be bushy," I said.

He went to Jenkins Christmas tree lot (near Gas n' Go--that's what we oldsters call it) and selected a lovely little Frazier fir.

So, yesterday I decorated.  Completed  the project in less than an hour and devoid of one bad word.

From start to finish, the tree cooperated.

I told Bill the first hint of this tree's demeanor was that it stood up straight in the stand, without help from extra pieces of wood.

And, it stood proudly while I strung the lights and picked out my best ornaments to accent its rich, full limbs.

I think I have come of age, realizing that my idealistic visions don't often meet fruition, especially when it comes to anything requiring talent and dexterity.

So, this smaller, gentler, kinder tree could signal the beginning of a "less is better" attitude in Christmas decorating.

My past disasters with tree decorating have provided fodder for some good stories, but somehow, I think this unstressful but successful experience is a good story in itself.

I'd provide a photo of the tree, but that does present a problem.

If I try to include the angel on top, the bottom doesn't show up.

If I stand back away, all the kitchen clutter shows up.

If I stand off to the side, the bird houses hanging outside the sliding glass door show up.

So, you get the picture.

Do like John Lennon and just "Imagine" my beautiful Frazier fir.

Then remember that "love is all ya need" to experience a good tree decorating experience.

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Kelly Carlisle said...

and, you get by with a little help from your friends.