Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sarah has a wintertime workout with Carrie aboard and Laura skiing behind.

Yesterday was their first skijoring practice in the Selle Valley. 


I spent part of the afternoon yesterday down the road at Selle's Finneyville, snapping pictures of  Sarah Horse, Carrie and Laura, working hard and figuring out strategy for next month's skijoring competition at the Bonner County Fairgrounds.

With a pasture a mile or so down the road dotted with motocross jumps, Laura figures she'll take her horse and rider there next and get into some full-fledged jumps.

Yesterday's going was pretty tough with pockets of deep water from the Pineapple Express beneath the snow.   Both Sarah and Laura knew they'd expended some energy at session's end.

I enjoyed the experience cuz the snow was perfect for snow shoes.

Stay tuned on upcoming skijoring adventures.  I intend to take my camera along while watching competitors get ready for the big event.


Before the picture-taking session, Bill and I enjoyed lunch, compliments of some friends, at the Pita Pit in downtown Sandpoint.  It was my first visit and definitely not my last.

I selected a Black Forest ham pita while Bill raved about his Southwest chicken combo.  Our friends had the "Morning Glory," a breakfast burrito.

I've been meaning to get to the Pita Pit because one of my former students and 4-H'ers, Tasha Rosenberger Wright, and her husband own the place.

I've admired Tasha since the first time I met her.  How many 14-year-olds launch their own downtown business?  Tasha and her brother ran a successful poster shop on Main Street.

She told me yesterday her hubby had had a similar experience in his youth while growing up in Boise.

Tasha was in my 4-H photography group and my English class.  Then, I'd run into her occasionally while visiting my kids at Boise State, where she earned her business degree.

She's always been a disciplined, enterprising young lady with a great personality.

So, I'm pleased to have finally given the Pita Pit a try and will guarantee a good experience for any pita connoisseur.  

This morning I learned that Bob Wood has died.  There's a face from the past and a giant among the ranching crowd in this area.  

My folks worked closely with Bob and his wonderful wife Bernice years ago when the horse lovers of the area started the Bonner County Horsemen's Assoc.

One of their impressive projects, along with the many trail rides they enjoyed, was building a fine rodeo facility (for its day) on Baldy Road.  

There's no sign of it any more because Interstate Concrete and Asphalt now occupies that spot, but I can remember lots of vivid memories while attending rodeos and horse shows there.

It's also the place where my friend Susie Baldwin and I raced each other opposite ways around the arena.  My mount Largo turned a sharp corner, causing me to land on my head.  

That incident could explain a lot about the insanity that dribbles out of this head these days.

Anyway, the Wood family have all been friends forever, and I send our condolences to Bob's immediate and extended family. 

Well, that overnight rain storm has ranged from pitter patter to pound, pound, pound and now to a quiet drizzle.  Maybe it will stop before we have to wade to the barn.

It could be worse.  I've heard horror stories of flooded basements in Seattle, including Annie's.

Word from the weather folks is that the rain should stop this morning, the temperature will dip, and we'll have snow flurries between now and Christmas.  I'll take it. 

In the meantime, I've got to dream up a few excuses to put off going outside for a while.

Happy Tuesday.

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Tampa Pita Pit (Late Night Delivery) said...

Glad to hear you were happy with your first experience at Pita Pit. The black forest ham is a staple on the menu, but the southwest is seasonal and is a hot (pun intended) seller all the way down here in sunny Florida.