Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Jonas Love

It's official.  His name shall remain as is: Jonas.  That, according to Annie, now in far-off Liechtenstein, after receiving the offer of renaming the new kitty who came to live at the Lovestead yesterday.

"He should keep the name Jonas," she wrote earlier today before leaving Germany on a train bound for Zurich, Switzerland.  "There's a Weezer song that goes something like 'his name was Jonas.... ' "

So, with no name changes, Jonas should have an easier time adjusting to his new home here in Selle.  Of course, I said to Bill that anything besides the cush conditions at the beautifully laid-out Panhandle Animal Shelter would be a step down for any cat.
Heck, I wouldn't mind living there, except for the fish bowl--er kitty bowl existence.  Those temporary residents have a beautiful facility as they wait to be adopted.

I was told that I would "shop" through the various enclosures, "to clean my hands with the sanitizer" after leaving each unit.  Well, my shopping did not last long.  I looked down, saw Jonas, and said, "I think I've picked my kitty."  

Jonas is three.  Jonas is a friendly guy, although he showed his shy side yesterday after coming to our house yesterday.  I left him in the cat carrier next to the sliding-glass door so he could take in a bit of the lay of the Lovestead land.

After making sure his new home in the tack room of the barn was ready, I returned to the house, let him out and then followed him around as he kept several paces ahead of me.  Finally, he decided on his own to go back to the safety of the cat carrier.

Jonas has come to the Lovestead with a job in mind:  keep the mouse population down in the barn.  And, that's after my latest assault which has netted nearly 50 of those dirty critters in three or four days. 

It may take a while for Jonas to figure out his job description, but if his first night in the tack room (complete with cat condo and cat house) is any indication of his initial adjustment, he should do just fine.

This morning when I opened the door, Fuzzy Wuzzy (his 12-year-old new pal) met me at the opening.  I looked around for Jonas and felt a quick moment of anxiety when I didn't see him right away.  

Well, Jonas was perfectly happy lying on the top floor of the condo.  I think he's found home.  When he finds a few mice and does what cats are supposed to do with mice, he'll have earned all credentials as a full-fledged member of the Lovestead menagerie.

Thanks to Toni, Jessie, Mary and all the members of the Panhandle Animal Shelter staff for helping me adopt Jonas.  

And, I'm betting the Weezer crew is happy, too, to know that there's a cat in Idaho named after one of their lyrics. 

Welcome, Jonas.

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Yeah!!! So happy Jonas found such a wonderful furrever home! Nice he will keep his name, it really fits him, I think. Keep us updated!