Friday, January 27, 2012

Mad Sky and Seeds

Turnabout is definitely rewarding play when you're carrying a camera.
I took a lot of lake photos the other day.
Cold Pend Oreille water on the move was the draw, for sure.
Photography, however, has taught me to look for all dimensions.
There's the obvious:  a pretty lake.
Turn away from the lake, and there's a sky begging to be photographed.
Mad skies have appeared off and on around here over the past couple of days.
The wind blew this one in the other day while I was walking the shoreline of Pend Oreille.
The anger in this one, however,  simply floated onward, probably on a mission to scare someone somewhere  in Montana. 
To catch a contrast of colors outside in January is not always that easy.
This scene offered itself, so I accepted and snapped this shot.
I liked the result and decided to feature it this morning.
The sky today looks pretty blah.  No threats.  No promises.  Just there.
And, that's what we can expect for the rest of January.
So, I'm thinking we got off easy this year. 
During this last week of January,  my geranium seeds from Burpee came in the mail.
The packets are lying on the kitchen island.
I opened one the other day, just to see what geranium seeds look like.
I'd never seen one before.  
Just little brown seeds.
As with photography, I always think about the magic stored inside seeds of any kind.
It's truly amazing to me to think about the beauty that can sprout from those dried-up little  drops of potential life.
There's no clue in the outward appearance of a seed indicating what it's gonna be.  
I'm guessing the care and nurturing makes all the difference as it does in all living things.
As the second step in the process of my early, early spring excitement, I shoveled a pathway to the greenhouse yesterday----enough to allow the door to open and close.
Once inside, I rounded up 25 pots and set them inside a big square pot holder.
Burpee sent me at least 40 seeds---maybe even a few more.  
So, I'll take great care to avoid dropping any of them on the floor; after all, they cost about 75 cents a seed.
By the time the weekend's over, they'll be resting in their potting soil inside pots upstairs here under a grow light.
Burpee says to expect them to pop out of the soil in 14-21 days. 
Next, when two leaves appear on the plants, they should be transplanted to bigger pots. 
Thoughts of all those brilliant red blossoms scattered about our yard will motivate me to take really good care of the seeds, seedlings and eventual plants. 
If all goes well, in a few months, I'll be out in the yard with my camera snapping photos of those pretty homegrown geraniums.
Stay tuned.  
For now, enjoy the mad sky and have a great weekend.

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Beautiful picture.