Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hammin' it Up

My neighbor said our accommodations were beyond Motel 6 when she came to retrieve her pigs yesterday morning.  Yes, those five visiting oinkers basked in the comfort of a box stall and did sleep until almost 11.  Picture time, however, brought them to life, and soon Marty came down the lane with a feast on a sled.  So, the pigs in their blanket got up and slowly followed her home.  After all when you have a smorgasboard of peas in one kettle, fruit and bagels in the next and a huge helping of grain in the third, you're gonna follow the food.  Debbie and I helped Marty and her great Pyrenees named Stewy take Mama and her "Babes" home.  I must say that Stewy wasn't a lot of help.  He wanted to play, but the "Babes" did not.  We left the Border Collies inside, figuring the pigs had enough help finding their way home.  Lucky they got home when they did cuz we're into some major slop around here with the warm weather, the wind and yesterday's constant rain.  I have a feeling a lot of the snow will disappear today, and that's okay.  Happy Wednesday to all.  

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Anonymous said...

Indeed! It looks more like the Hilton! You ARE the hostess with the mostess! :)