Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sunshine on Our Shoulders, Ahhh!

It's incalculable!
Howz that for a new way to describe what we locals feel when the sun doles out eye candy enough to fill our hearts and minds with sweet, incomparable exhilaration.
We never seem to reach our limits in describing how thrilled we are to live here when days like yesterday come along.
We are so lucky.
Last night while walking to a meeting at the Seasons at Sandpoint retreat center, my friend and former student Deanna articulated how most of us feel when given the gift of a gorgeous North Idaho---no matter how long we've lived here.
She spoke of skiing the slopes of Schweitzer over the weekend,  taking in the sights of yet another breath-taking day.
"We live here," she said, "What must it be like for people who've never seen this before?"
Deanna's comments came while we were admiring an evening view of the lake and marveling at what seemed to be the fullest yellow moon ever.
I know. I know. 
Full moons are absolutes, but conditions last night truly accentuated moonly magnificence.
Yesterday afternoon I took my mother for a drive out Sunnyside way.
If anyone in North Idaho gets to pinch themselves almost every single day of their lives, I think the Sunnyside residents have the corner on pinches and OMG's.
Their weather is what winter weather should be at "Sunnyside."  
After rounding a corner on the Sunnyside Road----right there where the Fitzpatrick's own what has to be the most encompassing, most jaw-dropping view in Bonner County---one can witness an incredible transformation.  
Say good bye to snow and hello to bare hillsides and a sense of warmth. 
We hardly spoke while taking that part of the drive. 
What can one say to match the last trip down this road. 
It all seems so redundant in the adjective department but so refreshing and new in the eye appeal. 
I always feel a bit envious of the Sunnyside locals whenever I take a drive down that road.  They have truly found Heaven in God's Country.
My mother and I enjoyed a touch of their winter paradise on our afternoon drive. 
Enough rambling.  
If all goes well, I'll share some more photos from another hamlet near America's Most Beautiful Small Town.

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Anonymous said...

The moon last night was absolutely magnificent. We were on our way home from CDA as it rose, bright red, over the mountains. what a gift. - LL