Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rain on My Parade?

I befriended KXLY weather forecaster Mark Peterson on Facebook a while back.  That means every morning Mark provides the FB weather forecast.
This morning he talked about an "endless parade of storms splashing through the region," leaving rain in the valleys and snow in the mountains FOR THE NEXT WEEK.
Well, speak of raining on parades, what's gonna happen if something more powerful rains on all those parades marching in to keep us wet?
This is one parade scenario I wouldn't mind seeing, but not much I can do about it except wear those new rain pants.  
They do work well, and I feel a whole lot better out there walking through the slop and even working in it.
Yesterday's one-day break in the midst of those storms was a God send, allowing plenty of time for outdoor work and opportunities for new aches and pains from all that work.
It was a layer-down day.  I took off at least two layers and was down to just two layers for tops at one point.  One does have to measure progress, and we've had some significant progress, not only with outdoor wear but also with diminishing snow.
The only problem with diminishing snow is that it tends to have a treadmill effect.  Just get some new grass areas raked up and looking good and somewhere else in the yard, the snow diminishes exposing that many more doggie deposits, twigs and leaves.
But I'm getting there. 

Today I'll take time out from the work schedule to enjoy some pecan-crusted chicken salad with my friend and outlaw Rose Marie.  Anyone who ever comes to America's Most Beautiful Small town MUST try the Trinity Restaurant's pecan-crusted chicken.  
A true delight, always a tad bit different, always good to the last bite.
Anyway, Rose Marie and I will catch up on news since our last meeting for BRATS.  
Seems we can't get together unless we eat.  It's BRATS at the Draft Horse Show or the fair and salad in the spring. 

I'd heard the word but was saddened to see the official reports that our school superintendent Dick Cvitanich is leaving us and heading to Olympia.  
Our loss will definitely be Olympia's gain as it was when another Western Washington school district lost Dick a few years back so we could have him.
Best superintendent ever----since the days of Jack Jones and Mike Lamanna, back when I first started teaching.  We had many in between, and the district suffered one nightmare after another in the process. 
Dr. Dick Cvitanich has worked wonders with our school district through his knowledge, his experience and his well-honed common sense. 
We'll miss him but wish him well.  Let's hope the district attracts another superintendent of his caliber.  As my husband said last night, he's leaving the place in good shape so it should be an attractive draw.

An announcement concerning this blog:  Before beginning this morning's posting, I read the big red letters announcing "changes coming to Blogger in April.  Update now."  
Sometimes the mechanisms in the cyber world are beyond our control, so I'm just giving you a heads up that this blog may suddenly look different one of these days.
My Picasa photo program updated today, and it's gonna take a while to figure it out too.
So, bear with me.   If you see changes and some that don't make a lot of sense, two things are happening:  my blogging routine is no longer under my control and my brain is taking some time to figure it out.
Thanks for your patience whenever this happens. 

Gotta get going, so will wish everyone a great Wednesday.  Stay dry.  

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