Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Twitterdeedripsndrops

Following a fairly "perfect storm" here yesterday afternoon, I snapped this photo of some of my pumpkins.  That red thing behind this pair is the hub of an antique wagon wheel.

The sun came out and the landscape turned glorious---ever so briefly.

Twice yesterday, for about 15 minutes each time, we had thunder, lightning, rain, hail and wind.  Things got blustery, and I'm thinking the weather events were timed to remind us that conditions were a lot worse along the East Coast.

In one case, Bill had his Kindle, I had my laptop and the TV coverage of the storm was in full throttle.

That's when our second storm came, with hail pelting so hard it disrupted both our TV and Internet feed.  

Seemed a bit ironic that while we were trying to learn about another storm, one was bearing down on us. 

I seldom tune in to "watch" TV weather events, but yesterday was an exception. 

We have some super duper weather events here but nothing even rivaling what happens around our coastlines.  It looks as if this one will stand out in history, especially because of its impact on such a huge segment of our population.

Here's hoping for the best and for the smoothest possible transition back to a somewhat normal life for those involved.  

Seeing such disruption and devastation from afar gives us more fortunate souls yet another reason to count our blessings.

Today is ZAGS poster day.  I'm planning a quick drive into Spokane to pick up several 2012-13 season schedule posters for family and friends.  

It's hardly necessary that I go to such lengths, but the annual mission has turned into a fun ritual for me, especially the part when I get to hand them out.

With posters in hand, we'll be ready to start planning our get-togethers for ZAGS games.  We're getting better at planning the menus each time as we seek variety along with consensus on what everyone wants to eat while yelling in our respective living rooms for the ZAGS.

I'm hoping my sister Laurie has done a good job as guardian of the "3" poster.  My friend Billie Jean brought me that poster after she attended a ZAGS home game with her son last year.

The poster received abundant and aggressive use thereafter.   Of course, we're hoping it will hold up after being held up hundreds of times this season. 

Willie came early this morning to bring the dogs.  Debbie was already in Spokane for her work day, and he's bound for Coeur d'Alene and NIC for a journalism gathering with his students.  

Hard to believe this week marks the end of the first quarter.  Next week will be parent conferences.  As usual, it seems like the school year just started.

Not a lot else on the mind this morning, so I'll just wish everyone a great Tuesday.  

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