Monday, October 29, 2012

Of Wetness and Stuff

Rain hat, rain coat, rain pants, partially leaking barn boots---I didn't even complain about having to put them on this morning while listening to a steady downpour outside.

I was just glad to have the ensemble, which made the trip outside to do chores and take the morning walk not so bad.  The boots actually don't leak much, and they're easy to slip on. 

Outside, I could feel warm, wet air, and I could see the horses hovered under their shelter in the barnyard.

Usually, Lily's at the fence whinnying the minute I step outside.  This morning I opened the barnyard gate, and the horses remained hovered.

It took a rattling grain can to tempt them over to the gate.  

Now, the rain has stopped, and it feels like a balmy day ahead.

We have little to complain about this day when millions are hunkered down on the East Coast, hoping for the best from the "Perfect Storm."  

I've seen one comment from a Boston friend, who said she's looking for a silver lining.  

She figures that having all the leaves from her trees fall at one time might just be the plus side of the storm.

Who knows, maybe she'll be lucky enough for them to all blow away into someone else's yard. 

I'm sure errant leaves are the least of people's concerns today.

Anyway, we're headed for a week of wet weather, and I have found a few silver linings of my own-----it's much easier to pull dead grass and weeds. 

So, I'll take advantage of that situation as often as possible. 

My garden is just about cleaned out and winterized, but several flower beds could use some attention as leaves continue to fall in the yard. 

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty nice day.  Bill and Willie did some visiting while chopping wood----lots of talk about sports and Vandal football and who would be at quarterback this weekend.

This year's new quarterback and two other players got sacked from the team over the weekend for drug issues and Twitter abuse. 

Seems that Twitter abuse appears to be a key problem in Palouse gridiron circles this year.  

I guess when your team isn't playing so well on the field, you can dock 'em for what they're tweeting on the Internet.  

Get 'em off Twitter and they'll play better on the field, I guess.  
I told Willie it doesn't get much better than this journalistically cuz when he goes to Moscow to cover the game Saturday, it won't be the same-o, same-o.  

Lots of new developments to cover and maybe even to tweet.  

So far, nobody's told Willie to quit tweeting. 

After putting in a good afternoon's work outside, Bill and I enjoyed a treat while watching the World Series last night.  

Note:  we did switch channels a few times to watch his Saints, but they had gone to Hell in a hand basket, so to speak.  Maybe they were tweeting too much this week.  

Anyway, our treat was a Sunday meal straight from the Pack River General Store.  I'm thinking we may make a habit out eating their deli delights on Sundays from now on.

I brought home a carton of the tastiest, most tender ribs ever and a great big cheese-covered baked potato for each of us. 

My plate also included a few homegrown tomatoes and a slice of Miller's Country Store French bread, topped with my freshly-made apple jelly.

Yum! Yum!

I remained in a great mood all afternoon while working outside and knowing that dinner would just take a heat-up.  

The mood improved throughout the evening as the Giants swept the Series.  I've been a Giants lover since the good ol' days when Willie Mays played for them.  He still remains one of my favorite baseball players ever. 

It was neat to see the Giants victory celebration last night and once again to be reminded that success is truly a "team" effort.  

Well, I guess that's enough for this Monday morning.  

Oh, one more thing:  my sister wrote a comment on yesterday's blog, suggesting that if I could type, I may be coordinated enough to play the banjo.

She also suggested that if I learned to play the banjo, I might even be a better typist.

That was enough for me.  Sometime this week a banjo and its "gig bag," along with a few picks will arrive at my house.

A few days later, I should receive my very own copy of "Banjos for Dummies."  

Exciting week ahead!  Happy Monday. 



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