Thursday, November 08, 2012

Hunker-down Time

I couldn't resist running for the camera to capture this scene yesterday afternoon.  That's Taylor's field and the Cabinet Mountains.  Mother Nature created quite a palette.

I can't waste time this morning cuz Bill wants me to follow him to town when he takes the New Old Motorhome in to Lake RV for some servicing. 

I'll bring him home; then he can drive his pickup to work.  We'll probably repeat the process late this afternoon. 

When he brings it home tonight, the motorhome will, no doubt, go into its winter bedroom, the storage shed.  

That means some hurry-up clean-up in the shop today to make sure there's plenty of room for the old Brougham to be backed in to the spot where it can begin winter hibernation.

B-r-r-r-r and snow.  Winter's coming.

That's what we are moving toward today.  It was evident this morning when I stepped outside this morning that we had a hard frost over night.  Vehicles were coated with blankets of shiny, silver crystals. 

The dip in temperature became more apparent as I took my walk.  Usually about halfway through, I'm unzipping the fleece collar from around my neck.  Later, the gloves come off.

Not this morning.  I stayed bundled up the entire way.

I actually love weather like this.  

The air is crisp, and walking is easy.  No mud to get stuck to shoe bottoms.  Plus, it's easy on the outdoor animals. 

Could be the horses will be spending the next few days up near the barn rather than in the hayfield at the end of the lane. 

The cold temps ahead also remind me that I need to check the automatic waterers to make sure their heaters are on. 

Inside, I'll probably simmer some more apples and steam some more pumpkin wedges.  I'm thinking that combined aroma wafting through the house ought to be pretty nice. 

Yesterday's pumpkin project---with my Best of Show from the Bonner County Fair---netted a delicious pumpkin cake, made with a spice cake mix supplemented with fresh pumpkin sauce, raisins and walnuts.  

For extra calories and taste, I sprinkled some English toffee bits on the sour cream-filled frosting.  

Mighty moist.  Mighty good.

Someone called "Anonymous" added a comment on yesterday's blog post, suggesting that I use the spice cake mix and just throw in the pumpkin sauce----no eggs, oil or water---for some delicious pumpkin muffins or cookies.

Sounds like a winner---simple one at that.  So, I'll use that second spice cake mix, purchased at Yoke's yesterday,  and give that recipe a try.  

We'll be pumpkined out around here, but I don't think anyone will complain. 

It's a good time for making the transition to more indoor activities, and when the teacher conferences are over tonight, my sisters and I will talk plans for the big Gonzaga game Friday night.

We'll also figure out assignments and a venue for Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner.

No time for much sitting as winter blows in.

 Soon, I'll be off for that last new old motorhome adventure for the year.  With luck, it will make it back home this evening.

Happy Wednesday. 

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