Friday, November 09, 2012

Duct Tape and Dry Tootsies

The birds are pigs this time of year.  I just filled the feeder a couple of days ago.  Still, I'm betting some sunflower seeds may be hiding beneath this morning's snow.  I'll probably stop at Co-Op today and re-stock. 

Winter has arrived--with a force--overnight.  Wind blew vigorously from the north,  and snowflakes flitted around the sky last night for a few hours before coming in for mass landings.  

This morning about an inch or two of fluffy stuff covers the ground, trees, fence boards, etc. 

It's cold but winds range from relatively calm to furious---blasting occasional huffs and puffs against the house.

On this first day of real winter, I did not complain too much about extra preparations needed to go outside.  

In my case, a duct-tape treatment on my left LL Bean barn boot made all the difference with my double layer of socks.  

I had noticed lately, while wearing the boots and walking through tall, wet grass, that a leak on top of the left boot needed attention.

The duct-tape operation worked,  as my feet were still warm and dry when I returned to the house.

Barn boots can have duct-tape bandages.  I learned long ago while sitting in a warm room that barn boots should not go to town or anywhere else where people inhabit close quarters.

Within minutes, the telltale odor of a urine, horse-apple mix permeates the room.  And, with first breath, I know its source---my boots.  

A quick escape could rectify the situation, but if the awful smell left with my exit, everyone else would know its source.  So, I toughed it out, silently gambling that others in the room could be just as suspect as I.

Eventually, I learned to quit wearing my barn boots to town, 'cept maybe to Big R or Co-Op, where folks aren't sittin' and smellin' anyway.

I always keep a second set of boots, for town purposes only.   They don't have duct tape, and they usually don't smell.

Anyway, my feet were happy this morning.  

Now, Foster----that was a different story.  Bill opened the front door for the little guy to step outside.

"He took one step into the snow, and he immediately turned around," Bill told me.

Foster's tiny tootsies had never really touched snow before.   Later, I let him out the door to the garage but never watched to see him go out the far door.

He must have adjusted cuz a little later, I called, and Foster came running from the barn area where he's accustomed to doing his morning duty.

Unfortunately, duct tape is not gonna help Foster stay dry.

As the morning moved on, I noted changes in routines.  

Horses went to the barnyard where flakes of hay were scattered about.

Dogs congregated in the barn while I cleaned stalls and laid out hay for tonight's evening meal.

The K102 Breakfast Boys shared the news and their views from the ever-blasting barn radio.  So far, it sports no duct tape.

With the hayfield unoccupied, doggies and I went for our morning walk/run.  

By that time all dogs had adjusted to the snow and were loving it as they sniffed and left their own deposits on urine spots left by coyotes over night. 

They later frolicked in the woods, coming together occasionally for meetings along the trail.  I simply enjoyed the sight.

Later, after the dogs went to "biscuit time," which is their morning stay in the run, I walked the yard and noted the distinct sound of our official winter bird. 

Yup, woodpeckers have replaced the robin herd.   

We'll be seeing them at the feeders, sharing with the chickadees, finches and squirrels.

The change has occurred.  A long winter lies ahead.  For now it's okay cuz . . . 

. . . the ZAGS' season opener is tonight.  GO ZAGS!!

Let's hope they don't have shoes covered with duct tape to slow them down!

Happy Friday.


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