Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Slight

The question of the night:  who let the dogs out?   

Now, that query could serve for the game we were "trying" to watch where the Gonzaga Bulldogs launched a ferocious attack on their visitors from Southern Utah.

With 103 points, it was obvious the ZAG dogs, hungry for baskets, enjoyed some extra helpings of success.

Meanwhile, at the Lovestead, our ability to watch the game could be considered intermittent at best.  

First, there was the dog down the road near Selle RoadTodd felt there was too much attention going toward the young pups, so he took off on his usual quirky escape.  

Todd does that almost every day, and, within minutes, I track him down and bring him home.

It was dark, though, and a wonderful good samaritan named Matt (also a former student) turned off from Selle Road to see Todd on the run.

He called.  Debbie and I jumped in the car and drove down to retrieve Todd.

From that point on, four Border Collies stayed in the garage while two red heeler/Aussie cattle dogs and one mini Aussie, dressed in their new Big R sweatshirts, stayed inside.

Not much slouching on the couch for their owners as the red heelers spent part of the evening on an investigative tour of the Love house.  

Jessie and Meggie both found the chew toys (please note another use for duct tape, necessitated by Brooke's recent rip-off off interior stuffing).

Jessie and Meggie also felt more emboldened each time they ascended and descended the staircase.  No more a scary place, they decided.

That courage led to several trips up the stairs by Laurie in search of a missing pup.  One time I went up the stairs to find Jessie chewing on one of my holiday scented pine cones.  It was retrieved in quick order.  

In the meantime, Foster protected his mommy from any outside dog interventions.  Foster grows more protective by the day.

During our eatfest, the red heelers spent time in their portable crates, which with the weight of each pup creating a severe unbalance, toppled over.   It was great fun to watch.

I'd say it was a good night for dogs, both at the Gonzaga Kennel and at the Lovestead.  

Even though the humans missed watching some key parts of the game, the final score indicated that the ZAGS Dogs had everything under control.

And, of course, this morning, as indicated from the barn scene,  Mr. Foster is still loving his new sweatshirt. 

Go ZAGS.   Yay, DOGS!


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