Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jumping and Joyful Blessings

D'ya think Foster would make an agility dog?  

The little guy can launch like a rocket, and Annie was having some fun with him yesterday with the latest of Folger's coffee cans to have gone to the dogs around here.

It takes no time to convince our pups to adopt those cans as their toy of choice.  

I was noticing this morning that they're scattered about the place---in the fields, in the woods, and, yes, in the yard. 

We were blessed with a gorgeous November day yesterday.  We made the most of it, spending as much time as possible outside.

Bill split and piled wood.  He and Annie put away pontoons to free up space for the new old motor home in the storage shed.

Meanwhile, I raked a few more leaves and tidied up some more yard.  

Annie played with dogs and took the 4-wheeler for its usual spin---always an essential on her visits.

Later, Bill and Annie headed off for Cabela's, then to the airport where Annie flew out for Seattle.  

On his way home, Bill stopped at another sporting goods store and then walked in just in time to learn the good news.

The good news:  Notre Dame finished its season undefeated.

After visiting Mother for a while in the afternoon, I settled in for the big game (Notre Dame-USC) and enjoyed every minute. 

It's nice to see one of the old nostalgic favorites in the football world revive itself.  

Seems the state of Indiana has a glut on that this year with the Hoosiers hanging on to No. 1 in NCAA college basketball.

We could use a few reminders and lessons from the idyllic past during these times when so many people in this world seem to be angry with each other.

Time to lighten up, I say,  and follow that corny ol' suggestion of "smelling the roses."  

That thought came to mind while I was outside raking even more leaves and wondering why.  The answer gently came flowing through my mind as my body continued its repetitive sweeps:  I simply love the sounds of the season. 

Raking the last of the leaves on a lovely late fall day gave me the perfect excuse to stay outside and listen. 

Occasional gun blasts off in a distant field told me deer hunting was still going full throttle in the neighborhood. 

The eagle sitting atop Gary Finney's big tree sang its distinctive song while a hawk soared overhead circling the fields across the road where a deer had met its fate Thanksgiving day.

The sound of an axe splitting wood down the lane told me Bill was enjoying his fresh-air tedium just like I was.

The roar of the 4-wheeler down in the woods told me Annie was still having fun on her quick visit to what she calls "my own private Idaho." 

It was a great day from start to finish, and today's looking much the same.

I'm glad the back yard still has leftover leaves because I'm betting today will be filled with more sounds of the simple but nostalgic life on the farm.

When you can enjoy those moments, it's hard to be mad at anyone. 

And, when you have a ZAGS tournament championship game at 4 (ESPN2), you know that a great day lies ahead.

GO ZAGS!  Happy Sunday.

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