Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Miscellany

On a second consecutive beautiful November day, I attached my portrait lens to the camera yesterday and walked around the place,  snapping photos. Lefty seemed to want his picture taken, so I obliged.  He's acquiring his winter look with fuzzy hide and growing whiskers.  I also noticed a long hair hanging from above his eye, which may be a bit irritating.  So, I'll probably snip it off next time I'm near scissors and Lefty.  The horses have had a good fall, especially because they can spend days in one of the pastures without having to walk through squishy mud.
Festus was out and about yesterday afternoon.  I've been treating him for the second cheek abscess this year.  The first one blew up so much like a balloon that I had to take him to the vet---$250.  I'm hoping that this one, which appears to have popped, will respond to daily soakings in Epsom salts and antibiotic lotion.  As often as Festus is out and about and meeting up with other kitties, his abscesses could break the bank. So far so good on this one.  Keeping my fingers crossed. A little abscess doesn't stop Festus from thoroughly enjoying himself and purring profusely wherever he goes, but . . . .
. . . when a little twit named Foster comes along and grabs his tail, the purring immediately switches to a high-pitched growl.  Still, Festus, like Jonas, puts up with Foster.  Both cats know he means no harm, so they humor him unless he crosses the line.  Then, Foster is usually running the other way with a cat on his tail (stub). 

It's a gorgeous morning again. Bill is headed out the door, bound for Naples and Camp Nine up in Boundary County today.  

We're both happy with the sunshine and thrilled about last night's phenomenal game in Orlando where the ZAGS won their Old Spice Tournament Championship.  Now 6-0, they're off to a spectacular start for this year.  

I'll probably do some more yard work with the gift of this lovely weather.  Who needs Christmas presents when Mother Nature doles out days like today!

Happy Monday to all. 

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