Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

If you've tolerated enough of the "F" word for the past few days---that would be Foster, by the way, feel free to visit someone else's blog.  

I'll understand. 

I know that I tend to get carried away with my enthusiasm toward our animal buddies at times, but I just can't help it---especially today.

Foster is officially 1 year old on this Nov. 27.

So, we're celebrating by plastering the cyberworld with his photos and a video shot by Annie this past weekend.  

The video demonstrates Foster's ability to fly high into the air even better than my still photos.  

So, I'll embed it right here for anyone who stuck with me this morning:

Like all the pets here at this Lovestead, we have grown to love Foster more and more each day.  

He may be tiny, but he's oblivious to the fact.   He's never lets his size get in the way of telling off great big dogs with the audacity of nudging up to his mommy.

In the past several months, he has learned and come to "own" his territory, which extends to all corners of the 20 acres. 

He's earned a diploma.  

He's charmed friends, family and perfect strangers.

He escorts his horse friends from barn to pasture and back at night.

He and his kitty friends cavort around the yard in constant "I'll chase you, then I'll let you chase me" action. 

He accompanies his friends Kiwi and Kea on dashes through the woods when Bill heads off to do his Lovestead forestry projects. 

The little guy has definitely found a home deep within our hearts. 

So, Happy Birthday, Foster.  We ARE in love with you!

In other news,  I grabbed on to some Christmas spirit yesterday.  

Some occurred right here at the keyboard.  For someone who no longer loves crowds, I am thrilled to shop at my keyboard.

Some of this year's gifts are ordered and on their way.

I did go into a "brick and mortar" to purchase some Christmas cards and new twinkle lights for the red maple tree in the yard.

I also brought in more pumpkin for the next baking frenzy. 

So, at least the marathon of buying, baking and organizing those cards has begun.  

It was a great day for getting things done, and I'm looking forward to another today, which could be capped off by attending Willie's first JV basketball game.

The Bulldog boys will be playing Timberlake tonight at Les Rogers Gymnasium. 

So, on this Happy Birthday day for Foster, I'll post one or two more photos of the little guy and head off to face the rest of the day.

Happy Tuesday. 

"CAN DO" pup.

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