Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just One of Those Days . . . .

Nothing special.  Nothing earth-shattering.  No early morning drama.  

It's looking like just one of those days, and that's just fine.

I can talk about Willie for a moment.  

He had a great night last night for two reasons.

His JV's won their game handily, and they looked good.

High school JV coaches often have the toughest of challenges in that when their players get really good, the varsity coach may snatch them up.

At the beginning of the season, though, there's no snatching cuz all the coaches are learning what their players can do, and all the players are working on their biggest learning curve.

Willie's JV's played well for a season opener---in fact, I think it's the best start I've seen from his players in his three years of coaching.

The other reason Willie had a great night was clearly evident in this morning's paper.  In fact, he may not even know it yet. 

The local school board is looking over funding issues for the upcoming year----will money come in, will money disappear, will everything balance out?

With that in mind, they're exploring options, and options often include decisions on whether programs stay or go away.

No one is immune when budget shortages occur in public education.  With that in mind, it's essential to have one's ducks in line.

According to the paper, at last night's meeting, two of Willie's Cedar Post staffers spoke to the board IMPRESSIVELY, with the junior editor-in-chief pointing out that he has an ever-growing portfolio to demonstrate the value of his journalistic experience.

I think the Cedar Post adviser, Mr. Love,  may be very proud of his students when he reads about their School Board presentation in this morning's paper.

So, it was not just one of those days for our son, and we are proud of him.

I can hear from the telltale noise downstairs, indicating that I successfully outlasted Bill at emptying the kitchen garbage can.

I'm betting he's making the racket just so I'll know that he's emptying that can, crammed with most of my stuff from yesterday's kitchen activities.

Unbeknownst to Bill, I purposely left a trap before coming upstairs.   

The motive: he would see the stuff sticking outside the purposefully propped-open lid,  trying to dribble from the container. 

The ruse worked.

Now, when I go downstairs, I'll have a completely empty garbage can to fill up. 

Please don't tell Bill about his wife's schemes.  It's okay for the world wide web of readers to know, but do help me keep this secret from my unsuspecting husband.  

I'm looking forward to seeing it work several times in the future.  

Yup, you can tell it's just one of those days when the highlight of Slight Detour deals with overflowing garbage. 

Actually, the sun is shining and luring me away from this computer.  

Dark times are ahead with predictions of rain starting tonight and lasting for several days.  

So, I'm out of here to enjoy what sun we have left.

Happy Wednesday.       


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Word Tosser said...

guess we better keep Bill away from Ken or not mention garbage cans... as I have found out, I don't need a compacter, my husband will do that.. anything to keep from taking it out.. lol..