Friday, November 30, 2012

Like Rainy Day Images . . .

It is a dark and stormy morning just like that dark and stormy night they write all those novels about. 
The water stream is rushing through the front yard like eager white sand-like contents escaping from the blue Morton salt box.

Puddles are filling like hot potato water when it starts to bubble in the stainless steel sauce pan.

My garden dirt is disappearing beneath the wet lakes like the land gobbled up by the big red hungry blob in that '50s movie.

Droplets of water are hitting the roof like my brother used to do when it was time to pound on his helpless little sister.

The dark gray moist air is heavy like emissions from a vapor cigarette. 

A car eased slowly by on the muddy road like a slug racing against another slug. 

The people looked and listened to the buckets of rain like a priest hearing a boring confession. 

The droplets from the sky above shut up for a minute like Bullet, the neighbor dog does when he quits barking. 

My LL Bean storm chaser boot leaked, so my sock got damp just like all the other clothes after spin cycle.  

Yup, that's kinda how the morning sounds and looks today.  

I had to conjure up images just so you readers could get the full grasp of the situation. 

To simply say it's wet out there doesn't pack it.

Besides, one of my facebook friends sent me some bad images yesterday, saying she thought of me and a couple of other people when she read them.

All English teachers have seen a bad image/metaphor, simile/analogy in their lifetimes.

I've just never tried, consciously anyway, to write one. 

So, this morning's rain did inspire. 

Actually, it's kinda fun making my brain think of bad ways to talk about the rain. 

Maybe I'll even write a poem about it.

It's a rainy Friday, I must tell you.
On a rainy Friday, I feel so blue.
On any rainy day, that ain't nothing new.
Still, when it rains, I must gripe to you.

On this rainy Friday, I've got some stuff to do.
So, I must say good bye to you and you and you.
Cuz the days a'wastin, like most Friday's tend to do.
Thanks for puttin' up with me, and have a nice day too. 


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